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Howard Stern and Beth Stern

Howard Stern's Wife Beth Kisses Frowny Face Howard Doll

By Jeff Mazzeo

Howard Stern, self-admittedly, is rarely happy but now there is a slightly less grumpy version that his beautiful wife, Beth can cuddle with!

The SiriusXM star's model wife shared a cute picture of herself planting a big smooch on Howard's cheek on Monday. She couldn't get the real Howard to pose with her so she substituted a Frowny Face doll crafted in his image. The doll had Howard's un-dyed rockstar hair and wore a dark pair of shades, like the King of All Media always wears.

Put A Sock In It

Beth Stern and the Howard frowny face doll.

Beth simply captioned her the smooching snap with a black heart ♥️ emoji. Her fans went nuts for the funny pic and sounded off with funny lines in the comments section of her post (apparently, everyone is a comedian).

"Huh. Thought he was much taller," a funny fan joked, while another said, "

One specific fan made a joke about how bad Howard came down on Gary "Baba Booey" Delabate for spending time in his backyard.

"This version might even go outside and enjoy a night by the fire pit 😂," the follower wrote referencing last week's shows.

Frowny Faces Dolls

Howard Stern's Frowny Face doll.

The Howard doll was handcrafted by the artist, Rebecca Floyd who makes them in her home in Richmond, Virginia. She was actually a finalist in the 2015 Martha Stewart's American Made Craft contest according to the artist's website. Floyd was extremely happy that Beth shared a pic of her doll.

"Thank you for sharing this beautiful photo!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️" the artist commented on Beth's pic.

She does some other cool celebrity dolls like Snoop Dogg, Prince, and Hulk Hogan.

Locked Down With Howard

Howard Stern and his wife, Beth.

Living with Howard can't be easy... especially during the pandemic! The radio host has made it clear that Beth and he are on full lockdown mode and have barely left their house since this whole thing started. Stern is a homebody by nature but Beth used to live a very exciting life outside of their home before the virus. She recently revealed that she does little things to make herself feel better about being stuck at home.

"Bella [one of their cats] and I dress up for dinner every evening. It makes us happy. 💕" she wrote on social media last week.

King Of All Cats

Howard Stern and his wife Beth with one of their cats.

As all true Stern fans know, Howard and Beth have lots of cats of their own, in addition to being fantastic foster parents to felines looking for a home. They are big supporters of the North Shore Animal League charity and they even helped create a cage-free environment for animals in their shelter. The King of all Media claims that Beth does most of the work and sometimes complains but he loves spending time with the cats immediately after the show. It makes it easier now that he does the show from his basement.

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