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Nastia Liukin poses close up at home

Gymnast Nastia Liukin Lifts Leg Braless To Save Planet Earth

By Rebecca Cukier

Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin is balancing, leg yanked up, while helping to save the planet. The 31-year-old dedicated her Monday Instagram update to sustainability, although the post likely wouldn't have had much of an impact without the five-time Olympic medalist stretching her jaw-dropping body. Nastia, followed by 1 million and fresh from updating right from an airplane, was proving that she cares about her carbon footprint. Likewise, that retiring aged just 22 back in 2012 doesn't mean the skill-set is lost. Check it out below.

Stretching For The Greater Good

Nastia Liukin poses in a bath

Scroll for the photo. It formed part of a trio set of snaps as Nastia both flaunted her steely-strong frame, balance, and flexibility, and provided an infographic showing handy ways fans can help reduce waste.

Eyes were likely on that opening shot. The Russian-born star was seen balancing on one leg while in semi-sheer and tight spandex with a braless leotard finish – standing on her right leg, Nastia held her left one up high with one hand, seeing her sneaker-clad foot way above her head.

Reveals Her 2020 Goal


Nastia, fresh from her 31st birthday and calling "year 30" not all that bad, then took to her caption to ask what's next for fans who have already "implemented sustainability practices" into their "food and personal care regiments."

"Conscious consumption was a huge goal of mine in 2020 and even more-so going into 2021—this outfit, workout mat, and shoes are all made using recycled materials that were once something else!" Nastia added.

The lengthy caption, confirming the post to be a paid partnership one with Reuse Plastics, ended with Nastia asking fans for their input.

Comments Get Tricky


Nastia comes with a challenging fanbase. October saw her clap back at an anorexia remark, with this month seemingly bringing round two after Nastia filmed her 6.30 a.m. coffee – fans assumed it's all she swallows in the morning.

A fan was quick to shade Nastia, writing: "But your fridge is stocked with like 3 different plastic water bottle brands? As shown in the pics/stories you show.. ?"

This girl fires back, though. The 2008 all-around Olympic champion, clearly reading the comments, made sure the reply wasn't ignored. Scroll for her response.

Don't Mess With Her

Nastia Liukin poses in a bikini on the beach

Nastia, whose anorexia clap-back made major headlines, maintained her signature streak, replying:

"Hi! This post isn’t meant to say “end all plastic use now” because that’s not reasonable for everyone! It’s just to suggest ways to extend the lifecycles of the plastics we do use and to make a conscious effort to do our part in contributing to the health of our planet, no matter how small the step you take (like proper recycling!) is 😊"

Scroll for Nastia shirtless and by a dumpster – with an unusual purpose.

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