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Sommer Ray poses looking sideways

Sommer Ray Celebrates Bigger Chest During 'Time Of The Month'

By Rebecca Cukier

Sommer Ray was super-proud of her slightly larger breast size today – that "time of the month" has its benefits for the 24-year-old. On Monday, Sommer's 25.5 million Instagram followers got an almighty figure-flaunt as the fitness model announced new merch from her Sommer Ray's Shop, with an unconventional top doing a great job for a brief moment seeing Sommer address her bust. A bikini top worn under the long-sleeved workout gear likely did it for fans. Check out why Sommer had the last laugh, though, below.

'That Time Of The Month'


Scroll for the video. Sommer, who was filmed inside a gym and in very skimpy camo-print shorts, gave fans a full 360 of her outfit, also speaking as she showed it all off.

"Woooo, baby," the Colorado native said as she gave followers a very peachy rear view, with the blonde then back facing the camera as she explained the cut-off hoodie top sported with a pink bikini top underneath.

"Also, look at this top guys. You know, you have this...." she said, adding that you can still "show off boobies."

Keep Scrolling For The Video!

Sommer Ray poses for a bikini selfie

Sommer, bending forward, added: "I usually don't," regarding having much of a bust. Bear in mind, this is the girl whose epic sense of humor has this year seen her joke she wished her problems were as "small" as her chest size.

Still, there was a small, if temporary win. "It's that time of the month, if you know what I mean," Ray continued, then giving her assets a cheeky little squeeze. The video continued with Sommer confirming the benefits of the top – yes, you can "show off your boobs." Scroll for more after the video.

Having The Last Laugh

Sommer Ray poses on a floor rug in a bikini

Sommer, who bopped around for a killer reminder of her built body, showcased all the workout benefits of her merch – and this girl shifts it. A caption from Sommer announced: "NOVEMBER COLLECTION JUST DROPPED!!! @shopsommerray," with fans also getting the star's website as she showcased more outfits and channeled her love of floral-prints.

Sommer Ray's Shop, retailing workout and swimwear, proves especially popular via its novel Gym to Swim bikinis, something Sommer promoted this year in a street workout to Beyonce & Jay-Z's "Crazy In Love."

'Not Your Average Instagram Model'

Sommer Ray poses for an outdoor selfie

Sommer, dubbed "Not Your Average Instagram Model" by Forbes in 2018, has been proving just why she landed herself the moniker. The model, this year pushing a Lamborghini in a tight dress and heels on her IG, is fresh from showing a bikini shower where she was almost electrocuted.

One week ago, Sommer uploaded her outdoor shower snaps, but it was the caption that nailed it as Sommer wrote: "The last pic is when my dumb-ss realizes we have water running over electrical cords lol."

Scroll to see why water, bikinis, and electricity don't mix.

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