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Seacrest post-shave

Ryan Seacrest Back To Bare After Shaving Off Quarantine Beard

By Whitney Vasquez

Ryan Seacrest, is that you? The "LIVE With Kelly and Ryan" host shocked morning show fans when he debuted a brand new look on Monday's episode. It's been months since anyone has seen the beloved television personality without a big bush on his face but he went back to basics over the weekend.

In a behind-the-scenes clip shared on the "LIVE" show's official social media prior to the episode airing, Ryan Seacrest can be seen sporting a bare face and almost looking unrecognizable.

He's Been Growing It Out:

Ryan's quarantine beard

Walking through the backstage hallways, Ryan Seacrest could be seen laughing at himself after taking a razor and shaving off his scruffy beard. Fans had been critiquing the "American Idol" host over his facial hair for months, with some going as far as calling the look "sloppy."

Several "LIVE" watchers begged the 45-year-old star to shave it off and demanded he "BRING BACK THE OLD RYAN!" After months of requests, Ryan Seacrest has heard the haters loud and clear.

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Reached Full Bush Capacity:

Ryan's 'sloppy' look

Hitting the "LIVE" stage looking like the old Ryan Seacrest, it's been so long that everyone almost forgot what he looked like without a beard. Opting not to take it off in stages, Ryan Seacrest ripped the Bandaid off and committed to the fresh-faced look 100 percent.

In the clip, he's seen smiling and confident ahead of debuting the post-shave look on live television. It appears the shave was on a whim because over the weekend, he was still sporting full bush.

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See His Post-Shave Look!

No beard

While the "LIVE" host shaved off his entire beard, he's still growing out his long hair. Ryan Seacrest's look on Monday appeared polished and put together but he's not touching those curls. When the show's IG asked fans whether they liked Ryan Seacrest with a beard or clean shaven, the comments were overwhelmingly in favor of the latter.

"Ryan shaved! Do you like him shaved or with a beard?" the show captioned the pre-show video. "Shaved!!!" responded most viewers, but no everyone hated the hairy look.

Beard Or No Beard?

Ryan clean shaven

"Adorable either way but I liked the beard! 😊," one fan responded. "Bring back the beard, Ryan!" posted another. "He looks cute in beard 🧔," shared a third. Ryan Seacrest is starting over after an narrowly missed blunder on "LIVE" last week. The star proved to be in a good Friday mood when he hit the stage dancing only for his moves to go totally wrong.

When Ryan Seacrest hit second position, he nearly split his pants and caused a embarrassing wardrobe malfunction on live television!

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