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Simone Biles

Simone Biles And Texans WAGS Give Fans A Rearview

By Jeff Mazzeo

Simone Biles just needs her girls and football on Sundays!

The Olympic champion spent Sunday with her girl squad that just so happened to be made up of the wives and girlfriends of Houston Texans players. Biles and the WAGS gave her millions of fans a rearview as they posed for a cute picture. Simone is currently dating Texans safety, Jonathan Owens and has exclusive access to the stadium along with the smoking hot guests of the other players. TBH, we are more impressed with her squad than we are with the Texans this season.

Meet The Team

Simone Biles and the Texans WAGS.

Simone posed with Jess Welte (cornerback John Reid's GF), Bryce Watts (reciever Chad Hansen's GF), Melisa Qvale (tackle Brent Qvale's wife), Cassidy Halloran (guard Max Scharping's GF, her sister, Adria Biles and more.

"forget our men we’re the real view 💙," the gymnast jokingly captioned her thirst trap.

With a squad like that, who needs the squad on the field?! Her millions of fans loved the pic and sounded off in the comments section of her post.

"❤️❤️❤️❤️ Such a fun girl group!!!" one follower exclaimed while another commented, "All of you are so beautiful 😍💕."

It's been a tough year for the Houston Texans and despite the 27-20 victory over the Patriots today, one snarky follower said, "Bet ya'll would play better than your men too. 🤷‍♂️"

Gold Medal-Worthy Support

Simone Biles in the Houston stands.

Simone supports her man on and off the field! Earlier this month, she shared a cute couple pic of her NFL star beau and herself for "Mancrush Monday."

"MY MANCRUSH EVERY DAY 🤤," Simone wrote alongside the photo.

Both stars looked happy and wore beautiful smiles but it was impossible not to notice the huge height difference. Owens is only 5'11" but he looked like a giant standing next to the 4'8" gymnast. This photo proves that elite athletes come in all shapes and sizes.

Loves Looking Back At It.

Simone Biles in snakeskin leggings.

As you can probably tell, Biles is a fan of the "looking back at it" pics and put her gold medal-winning body on display earlier this month when she rocked a skin-tight pair of snakeskin leggings.

"just snakin around," Simone captioned the stunning pics.

Owens seemed to give his stamp of approval to the pics and quickly commented, "Bad and Boujee 🥵."

We wish Simone was cheering us on from the stands!

Pooling Around


When the cute couple isn't hanging out at NRG Stadium, they are spending time relaxing by her brand new pool. The hot tub helps rid the NFL star of the aches and pains of defeat but the Texans won today so it may be a celebratory spa session tonight!

The gymnast just spent a boatload of cash to get her custom pool built late in the season and she is going to make the most of it! Biles picked out the tile herself and shared some progress pics along the way. She seemed to design the place to be her "chill" retreat because she mentioned it in the caption of her recently completed pool show-off post.

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