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Courtney Stodden poses close up with blonde hair

Courtney Stodden Pitied Exposing Bare Chest In X-Rated Showoff

By Rebecca Cukier

"It's sad" – the most upvoted reply to blonde bombshell Courtney Stodden's latest bare-chested showoff appeared to express pity. The 25-year-old former teen bride, singer, and reality face kept it super-sexy in her weekend Instagram stories, updating with a very racy display as she flaunted her stunning curves from her closet. Courtney, best known for being just 16 when she wed then-51-year-old "The Green Mile" actor Doug Hutchison, exuded confidence as she posed topless and just about covering her chest, but viewers are expressing other thoughts. Check it out below.

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Confident With Her Curves

Courtney Stodden in a bikini on the beach

Scroll for the action. Courtney, reported to have undergone cosmetic breast surgery to bump herself up to a DD cup, posed surrounded by her stylish clothes and not seeming in the mood to wear them.

The video showed Courtney kneeling and wearing only a tiny pair of black briefs. The "Bully" singer, sporting her bombshell blonde hair tied back and red-painted nails, zoomed the camera in and out for a maxed-out curve flaunt, also affording her 280,000 Instagram followers a little feminine confidence as she warned she's not to be messed with.

Fans Hope She Can 'Value Herself'

Courtney Stodden poses for a topless selfie

Keep scrolling for more photos. The images, now viral and forming an article over on The Daily Mail, see viewers wishing Stodden all the best, albeit via the expression of some pity.

260 users liked a comment reading: "I hope one day she learns to value herself without taking her clothes off. It's sad."

"As a parent I do feel sorry for this girl," another popular reply read, with further fans suggesting the update to be "sad." "Really quite sad" appeared to echo the thought.

Confirms Blonde Isn't 'Dumb'

Courtney Stodden poses with a voting sticker on her mouth

Courtney, also known for her 2012 appearance on "Marriage Boot Camp" and 2013 "Celebrity Big Brother" starring, remains confident over her image, even informing fans that judging a blonde over her looks is wrong.

"I’m working on an EP right now that’s all about how we can be BOTH - a victim and a survivor, happy and sad, strong and weak," she wrote last month, adding:

"I can wear a bikini and not be asking for it. I can be blonde and not be dumb. I can be wiser than I was, and still be learning!"

Tell-All Book On Teen Marriage

Courtney Stodden poses close up

2020 has brought Courtney celebrating the finalization of her divorce from ex Doug, with the star laying in heavy as she called him a "pedo." In May, Stodden made headlines for stating she felt she'd been "groomed" by a man 35 years her senior, with fans now awaiting her promise of a tell-all book.

"I'll always be angry," she wrote, although an admission that "I'l always love you" accompanied an Instagram post from her. Courtney married Doug back in 2011, with the former couple's divorce finalized in April 2020.

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