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January Jones

January Jones Shows Off Her Gorgeous 'Roaring 20s' Dress With Christmas Tree Boomerang

By Jeff Mazzeo

Well, the 2020 situation outside is frightful but January Jones always makes the inside of her house look so delightful!

The stunning actress decided to kick it really old school on Saturday night. She dressed up in a gorgeous frayed dress that reminded her of the roaring 20s. January had her blonde hair pulled back with a clip to expose her dangly earrings as she twisted back and forth in the cute boomerang. Her dress looked amazing and her Christmas tree looked pretty dang good too!

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'Roaring 20s'


"Roaring 20’s" she jokingly captioned her post.

If you stop and think about it, 2020 is the exact opposite of 1920 in many ways. Prohibition was started that year, so you could go anywhere you want but couldn't legally drink. In 2020, you can drink all you want but you can't go anywhere. Both years welcomed in a wave of new restrictions but obviously, they are much different.

January is still managing to have fun at home... even after several months. "Saturday night at home," she wrote across her beautiful boomerang.

Keeping Up With The Jones

January Jones and her Christmas tree.

January has all her famous friends trying to keep up with the Jones and they flooded the comments section of her posts with questions and funny captions.

"How do you have this much fun in your house?" Charlize Theron commented, while Kiernan Shipka playfully wrote, "MOMMMM."

Jones previously told her fans to "judge away" when she revealed that she is already fully decorated for Christmas... it's not even Thanksgiving yet! She did seem to start a trend.

"I’m gonna put of my Christmas Tree too! You inspired me!" Dylan McDermott stated before she quickly replied, "do it!!! ❤️🎄"

Waiting To Drink With Her 21-Year-Old TV Daughter

January Jones and Kiernan Shipka in 'Mad Men'
Mad Men

January will always have a special place in her heart for Kiernan Shipka because there is no bond like a fake tv mother and daughter. Shipka played Sally Draper, daughter of Betty (January's character), in the hit series, "Mad Men."

Shipka turned 21-years-old on November 10 and January let her know that she will always be her fake daughter.

"Happy 21st Birthday Keeks!! Can’t wait to see you and finally share a sip with you! So bizarre that I met you when you were 7(😳😥), you were then and are still such a kind and wise soul with a huge heart. ❤️u @kiernanshipka," Jones wrote.

"I love you Jan. Let’s get ~lit~," Shipka hilariously replied.

Who's George Clooney?

January Jones on a motorcycle.

All the A-Listers usually congregate at the annual Casamigos Halloween party but things were a little different this year. Casamigos, the tequila brand owned by George Clooney and Rande Gerber, brought the party to January to partially make up for the missed party.

"When the @casamigos party truck comes to you. Fun fact, my son took a pic on the motorcycle and we said, now you’re riding cycles with George Clooney and he said, “who’s George Clooney”. Sorry GC 😂," she captioned the cool pics

That's crazy... everyone knows who GC is!

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