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Halsey CRUSHES Strips Down To Minuscule Lingerie Reminding She's 'Still That B--ch!'

By Mike Walters

Singer Halsey doesn't want her lack of hair to cause you to forget everything else she is workin' with and decided to share the hottest lingerie photos on social media you have ever seen!

The 'Without Me' singer just dropped a mind-blowing set of pictures on Instagram where she stripped down to just a breathtaking set of lingerie and sporting a brand new wig! Halsey wanted to make sure her millions of fans don't for get she is 'that b--ch' and trust me we didn't forget anything!

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"I know I been bald but I just wanted to remind y’all I’m still that bitch," Halsey captioned the stunning photos!

In the sexy snaps, Halsey is posed down inside her home wearing nothing but a lace brown bra and black thong style undies. The singer included an animal print cover which is draped off of her shoulders. Ya, it's that hot!

"We definitely did not forget," fans wrote. Adding, "Oh I haven’t forgotten don’t worry." Us either! If that wasn't enough, Halsey zoomed in and snapped a selfie and leaves little to the imagination.

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'I Just Wanted To Remind Y'All I'm Still That B--ch!'


"Wow wow wowwwww 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍," is all one person could muster.

If being one of the most beautiful people in Hollywood and having a beautiful voice wasn't enough, Halsey is now a New York Times best selling author! That's right, the singer's 'I Would Leave Me If I Could: A Collection of Poetry' is now at #2 on the NYT hardcover fiction list. Scroll Down For More Lingerie Shots!

The singer addressed the success on Twitter, saying, “Accolades are sometimes based on weird algorithms and viral hits and luck,” she wrote. But sometimes they are based on a true human connection to the art.”

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She continued, “The tiny girl who learned all her life lessons in novels, propped up on her elbows with a flashlight at night, thanks you,” the singer added. “The teenager distracted through all her high school classes, writing short stories about great loves and world adventures, thanks you. The 20-year-old huddled over her phone in her notes app, crying silently through a moment of weakness on the 200th airplane that year, thank you."

If she wasn't convinced, we are guessing Halsey now knows just how hot she really is, if not, just count the marriage proposals!

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