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Billie Eilish with green hair

Billie Eilish Trolled For MASSIVE Finger Nails On Instagram!?

Instagram @Billie Eilish
By Jacob Highley

Billie Eilish rides on an express train of popularity these days. The 18-year-old singer rose to fame with songs like “Bad Guy” and “Ocean Eyes” putting her name on the music charts virtually indefinitely.

Her reputation as a rising star was only further recognized after quite a bit of controversy arose when her public image began to catch fire. That is to say, that few music artists carried a look or public image that resembled hers.

Baggy clothes weren’t just a fashion preference for her, it became a feminist statement!

Not Received As Expected

Billie Eilish with facemask
Instagram @Billie Eilish

Ironically, her latest Instagram post, albeit a popular upload, seems to have viewers baffled after considering the practicality of them. The bewilderment of the post stems completely from the length of Billie’s finger nails!

Although stylish and consistent with the latest news about her collaborating with the Gucci clothing brand, numerous viewers couldn’t help but think that they missed the mark simply because they aren’t pragmatic in daily life.

If you have kept up with some of the fashion fads over the years, then you may remember when a particular woman became famous for her incredibly long nails… Billie is not getting the same reception.

'Hard To Floss'

Billie Eilish with shades
Instagram @Billie Eilish

Here are some of the comments that Billie has received on her now infamous post on Instagram.

“girl how do u wipe with those” (Commentator)

“someone probably wipes it for her she rich enough 😂🤣” (Commentator)

“IS IT HARD TO FLOSS” (Commentator)

“how do you go to the toilet with these-” (Commentator)


“You be typin with your knuckles don’t you” (Commentator)

“It's tooooo much long how you eat 🤣🤣” (Commentator)

“how does she pick her nose?” (Commentator)

“This is hideously ugly! 🤮🤮🤮” (Commentator)

'Tiny Moment To Breath'

Billi Eilish with red lights
Instagram @Billie Eilish

Some people have speculated that perhaps the quarantine has been getting to Billie more than she’ll admit. She and her brother shared during an interview that the lockdowns impacted everyone, even them. 

“It was for the first two weeks. And then it was not anymore. I mean, the first two weeks, it was great because I was really like, "This will only last a couple of weeks and we'll be right back on tour, but we will just have a tiny little moment to breathe." 

Not All Amazing

Billie Eilish with microphone
Wikimedia |

She went on to detail how even though taking a break was nice, she has been eager to make more music. This actually sparked her doing that mall music video and other projects. 

“It's been pretty horrible lately. I've been trying to make the best of it and be like, "Well, this is the most time off I've had in five years" – more than that! Since everything started, I haven't even had a breath to take, so it's nice to a certain degree and then it's like, "OK, let's get back to my life please." 

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