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Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish Praised For Going From 'Bootleg' Gucci To Legit Gucci Model

By Jeff Mazzeo

Billie Eilish has done some amazing things in just a few short years but perhaps the most impressive thing was speaking her fashion goals into existence!

The "Therefore I Am" singer showed off her unique style on Friday. She participated in a paid partnership with Gucci for a nonsensical fashion video that included a music video for her new song. The entire video was part of an artsy-fartsy series by the famed brand and was pretty silly and pointless but Billie's look and music video were awesome!

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Living Her Fashion Dream

Billie Eilish's Gucci nails.

Eilish quickly gained a reputation for wearing "bootleg" designer clothes during some of her biggest shows and television appearances. Remember the brown interlocking “G” logoed hoodie she wore on Jimmy Fallon in 2018? It looked legit but it was a bootleg because Gucci doesn't sell it.

Nowadays, she's got a full legit sponsorship from the elite fashion brand and the fans are stoked about her progress.

"SEEING YOU WEARING BOOTLEG GUCCI, THEN YOU WORKING WITH GUCCI ITS INSANE IM SO PROUD OF YOU," an impressed follower commented, while another said, "truth ✨ we so proud 🖤."

What Are These Bootlegs?

Billie Eilish in bootleg Louis Vuitton clothes.

There are basically two different types of bootlegs when it comes to designer clothes. There is the type where the entire article of clothing (logos included) is an illegal recreation, and there is a type where legit designer garments are cut up and reused to create some unique looks. We believe both are technically illegal but the latter is less offensive to the brands.

Famed designer Dapper Dan is the founder of the bootleg movement but many others have taken up the torch. Bootlegs are pretty much an important part of Billie's look.

Silly Billie


Although Gucci made their own music video for "Therefore I Am" she seemed to have way more fun filming the one that she directed. Billie rented out the Glendale Galleria Mall early in the morning to film the crazy video. As cool as the actual music video was, the behind the scenes clips are even cooler!

"BEHIND THE SCENES LOLLLLLL😁😁 empty mall at 4 am🥳 u see us doing the try not to dance challenge and faaaaaaailing. this shoot was so chaotic LMFAO we had so much fun," she wrote alongside the funny clip.

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