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Halle Berry

Halle Berry Demonstrates Superman Punch In Sports Bra To Disable An Attacker

By Jeff Mazzeo

Halle Berry can kick some serious booty and she wants you to be able to as well!

The legendary actress shared some very important tips if you are trying to disable an attacker on Friday. Her "Fitness Friday" posts punched, kicked, and kneed their ways into our hearts but this time it was all about defense! Berry and her trainer, Peter Lee Thomas, showed off what incredible shape they are in while teaching her followers to take a MF down!

Superman Dat...


She shared a quick snap to her feed that showed her kicking her trainer in the thigh but the real magic went down in her Instagram story.

"Happy #FitnessFriday! Welcome to part 2 of my #SelfDefense series with @peterleethomas. Check stories for 4 ways to quickly and easily disable your attacker from different angles," Halle captioned her post. "Give ‘em HELL, and PROTECT YOURSELF ! Happy Friday! 👊🏽♥️"

For the record, we don't recommend attempting a superman punch in a dangerous situation unless you have practiced it a bunch of times... and you haven't.

The Boot And Scoot


Now, this is a defensive move that we can get behind! For her second demonstration, she delivered a rounded kick (hence the name 'Round Kick') to the side of the leg of "her attacker." The move will hopefully disable/disorientate the attacker, giving you time to run away. Halle does an excellent job of displaying the most important part of what we like to call the "boot and scoot" by immediately taking off running. You don't have to be the fastest... just not the slowest.

Baby Got Back Kick

Halle Berry kicking her trainer.

Nothing slows an opponent down like a strong kick right to the breadbasket! The third move is a back kick and it works wonders when someone is creeping up on you from behind.

It's clear from her technique that Halle is not someone that you want to sneak up on in a dark alley because she will leave you bloody and bruised before you even had time to ask for an autograph (joking).

Everything You Kneed


Last but not least, Berry showed us how to break the attacker's grips while delivering a critical hit with a knee to the groin... that's gotta hurt! We bet her trainer is super happy she is such a great actor and didn't really deliver a crushing blow.

Remember kids, don't try this at home... unless you are being attacked in your home. In that case, we guess the timing would be right. Thanks for the self-defense lessons, Halle!

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