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Lil' Wayne's Girlfriend Gets A Special Kind Of Therapy Following Split From The Rapper

By Mike Walters

Lil' Wayne's ex-girlfriend, Denise Bidot is getting a very special kind of therapy following her split from the rapper -- PIZZA therapy!

Before you scoff at this, it is a proven fact that a good pizza can help turn your worst frowns upside down and Denise just shared one of the best-looking pizzas we have seen in a really long time! The model posted a picture of the perfect pie on Instagram where you can tell her crew is just about to dive into it, and trust us, even you will feel better just seeing it!

Take A Look!

How Good Does This Look?!


"Ymmmmm..." Denise captioned the impressive looking dish.

In the post, Lil' Wayne's Ex-GF tagged a hotel in Miami Beach called "The Setai" but didn't mention exactly which restaurant made this gem. If this is room service, we are booking a room and heading out to the airport right now!

The best part, Denise didn't keep us from the aftermath and decided to share a picture of the table after this thing with completely demolished! It is awesome! "And just like was gone," she posted on the second post-meal picture.

Watch This!

Just Like That It's GONE!


On a serious note, as we reported it appears the couple has gone their separate ways after both posting cryptic messages on social media about relationships. Also, Wayne has had a rough week after being charged with possession of a firearm stemming from an airplane incident.

Lil' Wayne broke his silence on the situation explaining on Twitter the way he expresses his love. "I live the way I love and love the way I live. I'm a lover, not a lighter bekuz they burn out," he wrote.

The 'Get Money' rapper continued, "I am an eternal fire and burning love, either leave with a tan, a 3rd degree burn, or stay and die in love. You're sweating," and signed the tweet off, "Sincerely, the fireman."

See Hot Shots Of Wayne's Ex!

Pizza Therapy...It Does A Body Good!


According to multiple reports, Bidot dumped Wayne after he endorsed Donald Trump during the weeks leading up to the election.

The model wrote on Instagram, "Sometimes love just isn't enough." But, a friend of the model's reportedly told the media she broke up with the rapper because she was "disappointed" and "shocked" over his political views. Interestingly, the 34-year-old reportedly tweeted the stories about the political split are "absolutely false" but the statement on Twitter has since been removed.

Either way, for just a few minutes in time, there is not much else on this planet that can make you feel better than a steaming hot, slightly well-done pizza!

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