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Nastia Liukin poses in a grocery store

Gymnast Nastia Liukin Defends Diet After Bubblegum Spandex Backlash

By Rebecca Cukier

Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin is done with people suggesting she doesn't eat. The 31-year-old former athlete, who made major October headlines for anorexia clap-back, today addressed her 1 million Instagram followers in fire mode after comments over her spandex-clad training session poured in. Nastia, who is supporting mental health awareness as she gears up for a friendly fight-off with fellow gymnast Alicia Sacramone Quinn, took to her stories – just because you see early morning coffee, doesn't mean Liukin lives off caffeine. Scroll for the storm.

Gymnast Claps Back Over Allegations

Nastia Liukin poses in a bikini on a beach

Scroll for the video. Nastia's latest YouTube video, taking fans from a 6.30 a.m. bed start through to a full gym training session, showed the 2008 all-around Olympic champion flexing her skill-set with everything from multiple back-flips on a trampoline, to heavy rope climbing and flawless stretches.

Nastia, who wore bubblegum-pink leggings and a matching crop top, wrote she was "TRAINING FOR THE BIG FIGHT," with the video seeing her sleepily waking up with dog Harley and kicking the day off with "First things" as coffee.

Comments Slamming Her

Nastia Liukin poses for a home selfie in swimwear

Following the video, Nastia took to her Instagram stories, and she didn't seem happy.

"First of all, this is kinda getting out of control," she said in sefie mode, "Second of all, it's a YouTube video. It was nine minutes long," adding that she wasn't going to take fans on "this step-by-step, minute-by-minute process."

Comments had been slamming Nastia, with one fan writing:

"You wonder why people are concerned about you and then you post a vlog where all you show is you ingesting a coffee followed by doing 3 workouts...🤦‍♀️."

Scroll for the birthday donuts after the video.

'Not What I Had For Breakfast'

Nastia Liukin poses with donuts and smiling

Nastia, seemingly very distressed by the feedback, added that just because she was seen having a coffee first thing, this wasn't indicative of her morning intake.

As she concluded: "K, DONE," the Russian-born star added a note. "I would also say like: the hate has to stop. The jumping to conclusions has to stop. The cancel culture has to stop. You're LOOKING for problems right now."

Nastia then promised she'd cover her food, and this isn't the first time the blonde has had to defend her body.

Admits 'Thin' After Anorexia Storm

Nastia Liukin poses for a home selfie

In October, and shortly before her 31st birthday, Nastia made headlines after a fan DM asked her how she feels about "promoting borderline anorexia looking bodies." Nastia admitted to being both "triggered and pissed" by the comment, then clapping back and saying this was her "body." The star admitted she's always been "thin," but she refused to tolerate the skinny-shaming.

In 2016, Nastia told The Cut that her mom had raised her to "have a cookie" if she wants one. A recent pantry tour from Liukin showed her pantry to be perma-stocked with Oreo cookies.

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