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Iggy's Sexsi shirt

Iggy Azalea 'Scary' As Blue-Eyed Babe In Baggy Bedroom Look

By Whitney Vasquez

Iggy Azalea wasn't feeling her look when filters changed her usually dark eyes to blue so she put herself on blast. Taking to her social media on Wednesday, November 18, the "Dance Like Nobody's Watching" rapper addressed the controversial issue of filters while playing on her iPhone.

Turning the camera onto herself, the naturally brown eyed babe's beautiful face completely transformed with a heavy filter. She almost looked unrecognizable with her extra perfect skin, large enhanced lips, and icy blue peepers.

Morphing Into Someone Else:

Supporting Chicago

Stripping out of her usual super tight attire, Iggy Azalea covered up her killer post-baby body in a baggy t-shirt. Proving she's just like us, the star sat on her bed and played with her features while most likely going braless in a extra large shirt.

Pairing the laid-back bedroom shot with her long blonde hair up in a high ponytail and no makeup, Iggy Azalea shocked fans and herself by turning on the filter.

Scroll to see Iggy's unrecognizable new look!

Iggy? That You?

Blue-eyed babe

Sporting heavy brows, flushed cheeks, and oversized lips thanks to the filter, the "Fancy" rapper transformed into a completely different person. Even her nose looked smaller and more defined than normal. When it came to her eyeballs, those went from her dark brown color to a shocking sky blue.

While some social media influencers use a heavy filter like this on the daily, Iggy Azalea wasn't trying to fool anyone. In fact, she wasn't feeling the look one bit and made it clear.

Wasn't Feeling The Filter:

Close-up of Iggy

Making it clear that this isn't natural, Iggy Azalea called the blue-eyed version of herself "scary" in the caption. "Me with blue eyes would really be so scary Imao," she wrote to go with her Instagram Story post. Not only was her heavy filter look not normal, neither was Iggy Azalea's wardrobe.

Her casual laid-back look is completely opposite than what the star is usually sporting. The new mom has been eager to flaunt her snapback body after giving birth just six months ago.

Her Snapback Body Is One For The Books!

Iggy in yellow

After dropping more than 20 pounds past her pre-baby weight and breaking up with her baby daddy, Playboi Carti, Iggy Azalea's been parading around her weight loss. Just days ago, she showed off her "thick" hips and made fans drool by sporting her curves in a skintight dress. Opting out of wearing a bra, she sent temperatures skyrocketing.

There's no denying that motherhood looks good on Iggy Azalea and she must be drinking her milk because her body is doing us all some good!

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