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Tekashi 6ix9ine's Girlfriend EXPLODES Out Of Rainbow Bikini, Rapper Remains MIA

By Mike Walters

Tekashi 6ix9ine's girlfriend is flaunting her mind-blowing bikini body as she prepares for an upcoming birthday -- but the rainbow rapper is still nowhere to be found!

Tekashi 69's girl, Jade, continues to light up Instagram with eye-popping hotshots, but she isn't updating the 'Gooba' rapper's fans about his current whereabouts! In the latest sexy snaps, Jade re-posted a few videos and photos created by fans of the couple -- and of course, it is filled with the hottest photos with a minimal amount of clothing!

See The Breathtaking Shots!

See The Mind-Blowing Bikini Shots!


Tekashi's girl is only seven days away from her birthday, and it appears she is starting the celebration early! The problem is that most of her photos are on the set of the rainbow rapper's video shoots or on vacation with her man.

Fans are going nuts over Tekashi's absence from the public and social media. "Where the hell is 69 at??? Where is 6ix9ine we haven’t seen him on Instagram?" fans flooded her account.

As we said, she is giving zero updates on Tekashi's whereabouts and interestingly she posted a few pictures where she is covering his face tattoo on her chest.

So, Are They Still Together?!

Tekashi's Girlfriend Continues To Light Up Instagram While He Is MIA


Tekashi 69 was spotted running with a bodyguard on a Florida highway last month, but no one has seen the rapper since that day. At the time, it made sense after the 'TuTu' star said he wanted to drop a few pounds before making his comeback. Scroll Down For More Jade Hot Shots!

The problem is...the rapper was hospitalized after reportedly overdosing on diet pills. Tekashi confirmed the incident telling The Shade Room he was taking several pills a day to lose weight.

Either way, Jade is continuing to light up Instagram with smoking hot photos and video!

Here You Go!

Where Is Tekashi 6ix9ine?!


Not that long ago the these two were inseparable. As you know, Jade accompanied Tekashi on his dangerous tour of several cities to promote his new album. In each location, the rainbow rapper dared the local gang members to stop him from strolling down their streets.

Luckily, nothing happened to the rapper, and his girlfriend shared the hottest bikini photos from the vacations! (Above)

Tekashi made huge headlines in the past few days after Hulu and Showtime both released documentaries on his lie. But, his manager was not happy about them claiming he is not supporting the films. “The Hulu & Showtime @6ix9ine projects!! Are both unauthorized!!” Murda Murphy posted on IG. Adding, "Nothing to do with us!! Zero!! The people in these talking are [cap]! Are not involved with us in anyway!! Don't support this trash!! When (Tekashi) does something you'll be the first to know!”

Well, we will always have this...

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