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Demi Rose close up and outdoors

Demi Rose Brings Apple Bottom Treat In Latex Street Walk

By Rebecca Cukier

Demi Rose just proved why she's gaining around 100,000 followers a week. The 25-year-old model and social media sensation, who celebrated hitting 15 million Instagram followers last month, uploaded yet more of her jaw-dropping body on Wednseday, with the bikini bombshell offering something unusual. Demi, whose trademark swimwear and slinky dresses tend to come complete with a stylish interior or beach setting, was out on streets today, with the slow-motion footage affording stella views of the Birmingham, U.K. native's famous rear. Check it out below.

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Doesn't Need A Bikini To Wow Fans

Demi Rose on a beach in a bikini

Scroll for the video. Demi has bringing bikini action up the wazoo these past weeks, with her near-month-long Maldives vacation also peeking her 5-star stay at the Cinnamon Velifushi resort.

Demi, now back in her new Ibiza, Spain home, posted today with a camera following her as she walked streets like a boss. The new Pretty Little Thing brand ambassador paraded her curvy rear in skin-tight pink latex pants, with a skimpy white crop top and snakeskin boots pairing the clingy look perfectly.

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Demi, who was seen swishing a high ponytail for a very Ariana Grande finish, showed what her momma gave her and even briefly turned around for an edgy finish as she rocked statement dark shades.

If you're wondering about the setting, Spain's streets are now a regular deal for the model who ditched her U.K. base in July after admitting a miserable London lock-down. Demi, body-shamed by a troll telling her she'd gained "weight" in quarantine, clapped back, but she revealed being unhappy overall.

Quits U.K. For Good

Demi Rose by ocean waters in a bodysuit

In September, Demi opened up to ES, speaking largely about mental health and another major hardship – in 2019, Demi's mom Christine died just eight months after dad Barrie passed. Demi opened up on London during COVID, saying:

"During lockdown I lived on my own in London and my mental health really did get the better of me. I had up and down days and with so much time on my hands I obviously had a lot of time to reflect on things."

Stuns To Mark 15 Million Followers

Demi Rose on a boat in a swimsuit

October 23 brought a major milestone for the model who hit 10 million Instagram followers last year. Demi was in the Maldives and on a boat for her stunning swimsuit snap, gushing over the love she receives as she thanked fans.

"15 million of you. I am amazed. I never would have thought when I began Instagram and started modelling at 18 to have such an amazing fan base like I do now. I appreciate and love you all so much. Thank you for all your support," she wrote.

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