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Willow Smith and Matthew McConaughey.

Which Matthew McConaughey Movie Changed Willow Smith's Life Forever?

By Jeff Mazzeo

Everyone was aware of Matthew McConaughey's unique power to connect with people on and off-screen but who knew that Willow Smith was one of his biggest fans?!

The 20-year-old "Female Energy" singer gushed over the iconic movie star when he joined her grandma, Jada Pinkett Smith, and herself on the newest episode of their Facebook Watch show, "Red Table Talk." The topic of the episode was breaking family cycles but Willow had to fit a little fangirl moment in there and tell Matthew how he changed her life.

The Movie That Changed It All

Willow Smith and Matthew McConaughey on 'Red Table Talk.'
Red Table Talk/Facebook Watch

McConaughey and the lovely ladies had a deep conversation about his childhood and how he raises his kids but Willow wouldn't let him go without giving him the lowdown on which film changed everything for her.

"Just one little tidbit right now," Willow said as she interrupted the family dialogue, "'Interstellar' changed my life forever."

"I just had to say it, after I watched it I started studying physics," she continued. "I've been studying physics for about five years now and it is one of the deepest loves of my life. And that movie sparked it!"


Willow Smith

For those of you who are not familiar with the 2014 movie, "Interstellar," it focuses on an astronaut on a mission to save Earth that travels through a wormhole and contacts his daughter through time and space. We are pretty sure the theme of the film is that love conquers all, even time and space but it can be a little hard to follow.

Long story short, it tries to explain some really complex physics ideas that are way over our head but at least Willow understood it. They lost us at the part with the books.

Scorpio Bonding

Matthew McConaughey on 'Red Table Talk.'
Red Table Talk/Facebook Watch

"Had to give @officiallymcconaughey that lil tid bit of info 😂 Scorpio to Scorpio ♏️," Willow wrote alongside the show's snippet.

The seasoned star and the youngster also bonded over their astrological signs and he provided her with a great metaphor to describe people born between October 23 and November 22.

"My thing with Scorpios... I always equate it to "The Incredible Hulk," remember that show?" he said. "Mess with Bill Bixby [Bruce Banner actor] one time and he says 'I don't wanna fight.' Mess with him two times he says, 'Please, I said I don't want to fight.' Mess with him a third time, he turns green and doesn't just get even, he gets way ahead."

Metal Head


Willow's musical taste varies from peaceful eastern music for doing yoga to hardcore depressing metal. However, ever since her grandma got her a really cool guitar for her birthday, She's been leaning more to the heavy side. Earlier this week, she jammed a Deftones song on the sweet instrument. Fans were quick to ask for a full metal album!

"This is the first seven string I’ve ever owned ! Thank you @adriennebanfieldnorris for my birthday gift ! Whose ready for my <metal album> 😝," Smith wrote alongside her riff clip.

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