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Jennifer Grey Keeps 'Dirty Dancing' Money In Divorce Settlement With Clark Gregg

Jennifer Grey / Instagram
By Liz Walters

Jennifer Grey and her ex-husband, Clark Gregg will be officially back on the market right after Valentine’s Day of next year. In their final divorce judgment, obtained by The Blast, a judge signed off on their divorce this month and approved several details of their divorce settlement. Grey and Gregg were married for over 18 years and share one daughter, Stella. They have agreed to continue joint ownership of the family residence for a guaranteed six months, but Jennifer will have exclusive use and possession of the property.

Grey's "Dirty Dancing" and "Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights" residuals will be her sole and separate property and she will receive 100% of all earnings of those films.

The documents state Grey will also keep her Audi Q7 lease, the family dog, Dorothy, and proceeds from her book, “Embracing the Grey”, as well as her intellectual property of a dance studio concept.

Clark Gregg / Instagram

The former couple also agrees, that a year from now, Grey will have the first right of refusal to buy-out Gregg from his ownership of the residence appraised at $4,000,000. If Grey and Gregg decide to sell the family home, they will split the proceeds of the sale 50/50.

Gregg, who starred as Agent Phil Coulson in multiple Marvel flicks, has to pay $15,144 to Grey as an equalization payment and has also waived spousal support from his ex-wife. The former couple agreed to recalculate spousal support for Jennifer based on current earnings every 3 months continuing as long as the threat of the current COVID-19 pandemic continues to limit the acquisition of work in the entertainment industry.

Once the pandemic restrictions have been lifted and they are not limited in the work that they perform, they agree to meet and confer and recalculate spousal support every 6 months or by mutual agreement. They have what is considered a long-term marriage and the court may retain jurisdiction to award spousal support indefinitely but they intend to be self-supporting. At this point, Clark is making $12,282 a month and Jennifer is making $14,921 a month, and they have agreed to equal pay for the expenses of their daughter, Stella, until her 24th birthday.

Jennifer Grey / Instagram

As for community property royalties and residuals, Grey and Gregg will split the net proceeds, royalties and residuals from 37 projects. Some of these projects include Clark’s Disney films like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Avengers, Captain Marvel/America, Iron Man, and Thor. Clark’s further work as the “Agent Coulson” character is considered his intellectual property and Jennifer is to receive 10% of any gross earnings should Clark reprise his role in a feature film and 5% of any gross earnings if he reprises his role in a series.

She and Clark have to split City National checking accounts, Merrill Lynch investment accounts worth almost $8,000,000, Screen Actor’s Guild Pension Plans, and Producers-Writers Guild of America Pension Plan. Jennifer gets to keep 100% interest in the business Drama Queen Productions Inc. as well as all personal property, including jewelry, clothing, and other personal property in her possession. Clark gets to keep his Tesla, 100% interest in the business Merton Shanks Investigations, Inc., and all of his personal property in his possession. They have agreed to split all frequent flyer miles and loyalty points. Jennifer and Clark also have cord blood stored and they agree that the cord blood shall remain in storage indefinitely and the cost of maintaining the cord blood in storage shall be paid equally.

Jennifer Grey / Instagram

Grey and Gregg have agreed to a “Freedom From Interference” clause in their judgment, stating “each party shall not annoy, harass, embarrass, or interfere with the other in any way and agrees not to interfere with a property that the other now owns or will later acquire”. They have had an amicable split so far and Jennifer has shown her love on Instagram for Clark. Jennifer posted a joint message stating “after 19 years together, we separated in January, knowing we’d always be a family who loves, values and cares for each other. we recently made the difficult decision to divorce, but we remain close and are deeply grateful for the life we’ve shared and the wonderful daughter we’ve raised. - jennifer & clark p.s. totally crying as we post this”.

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