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Constance Nunes Popular On Instagram In Unzipped Leather Thirst Trap

Instagram | Constance Nunes
By Rima Pundir

Constance Nunes is "just a glam girl wrenching in a boys world" and is one of the hottest things to watch on Netflix, being a mechanic on the series "Car Masters: Rust to Riches". 

Now yes, she is scorching and yes, she is a model for many brands. But more than that, she is a car girl from top to bottom, even doing some stunts

Things have been tough for her in 2020, although this is not a year that has been easy on anyone. Even so, if this is how Nunes looks after a rough year, fans would give anything to see her have a good year!

She Is Her Fans 'Unfinished Project '

Instagram | Constance Nunes

Nunes put up this post a week ago with the caption, "Been putting off the bodywork on the farm truck....what’s a project you guys need a little kick in the ass to get started on?"

Fans were only too happy to talk about their projects on her Instagram page with comments ranging from the Mustang to the Mini, calling her "so freaking beautiful it hurts". 

Another comment read, "Getting your phone number 😂" although we doubt this project could ever be completed. 

Here's more distraction for you...


Pre-Birthday Soul Message

Instagram | Constance Nunes

She also promoted a pair of tracks by a friend with this pre-birthday post of hers, saying, "Well it’s the night before my birthday....I’ll most likely be drunk around midnight if anyone wants to jump on Instagram live and have cheers with me 🥂 other than that..I’ll try to come up with some profound statement tomorrow when it’s actually my birthday and you are supposed to do that kinda thing".

Fans were blown away and showed their appreciation with comments like, "You are 🔥😻!!!! Geeeesh hot mama!"

Birthday Leather Suit

Instagram | Constance Nunes

Hot, oh yes, and how! This is now Constance Nunes celebrated her birthday by gifting her fans a perfect image of hers, enough to inflame minds and hearts. 

She wrote, "Waking into my 21st birthday again this year😉....haha..." and the wink emoji is there because Nunes just turned 31, not that she looks it. 

But 2020 has been a rough ride for her with a divorce, a health scare, her dad getting cancer, and moving to a new town, post which there was a lockdown! Whew, quite the tough one! 

Feelings about this?

And Finally, A Bikini Bod!

Instagram | Constance Nunes

This is what a 'quarantine body' looks like, on Constance Nunes at least. And she captioned this picture as "When your agent says it’s time for new digitals and you laugh to yourself knowing your quarantine bod has been fueled by whiskey and lifting car parts".

Fans questioned her about her favorite choice of whiskey, post which they questioned her about her choice too! 

All one fan said was, "I mean that whiskey is treating that body right! 🙌". It sure is, and here's further proof in an even smaller bikini...

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