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Demi Rose poses smiling confidently

Demi Rose Wins In Heart Pasties And Little Else

By Rebecca Cukier

Demi Rose totally bare-chested bar glossy black nipple pasties was a winner the minute the 25-year-old model updated today. Demi's 15.2 million Instagram followers got their favorite bikini bombshell switching it up, with her sizzling snaps proving that it isn't always swimwear. Demi, who was unveiled as clothing brand Pretty Little Thing's newest brand ambassador last month, was back in her influencing shoes, but the very skimpy look definitely wasn't a nun's outfit. In fact, Demi appeared to wear little more than sheer pantyhose-like fabrics. Check it out below.

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Bikini Bombshell Switches It Up

Demi Rose poses in a bikini

Scroll for the photos. They come as Demi makes headlines for actually going a little traditional. Three days ago, Demi shouted out her recent Maldives vacation by posing like a total Island Girl babe in a spotty print bikini and cute pigtails.

Today's look was much foxier. Demi, who this year made headlines for a bold cage bra, had gone just as daring, ensuring her killer DDs and 24-inch waist got showcased. The stunner, in a criss-cross sheer black outfit, put on quite the show and the pasties were the cherry on the cake.

Keep Scrolling For The Shots!

Demi Rose poses in swimwear on a beach

Demi, going wet 'n wild with matted hair and showing off her new and much shorter do, also sported edgy shades to complete a very edgy shoot, with the bombshell snaps clocking Rose over 100,000 likes in under 45 minutes.

A caption from the Birmingham, U.K. native confirmed she was in the mood for change, also ensuring that PLT got a mention.

"Switchin up positions for you," she wrote with a black heart emoji as fans totally lost it and called her the most "beautiful" thing on earth.

Scroll for more after the snaps, where you can swipe for the gallery.

100,000 New Followers A Week

Demi Rose poses on sands in a dress

It's been approximately two weeks since Demi celebrated hitting 15 million followers, and she's now at 15.2 million. The milestone came as Demi vacationed in the tropical Maldives, with her post full of thanks.

"15 million of you. I am amazed. I never would have thought when I began Instagram and started modelling at 18 to have such an amazing fan base like I do now. I appreciate and love you all so much. Thank you for all your support," she wrote.

Blows Up Instagram Whatever She Wears

Demi Rose poses in a bodysuit and hat

Demi has admitted that the bikini snaps get her the most likes. The model, who is an eating disorder survivor, manages to stay classy despite the eye-popping amounts of skin on show, with 2020 bringing everything from her dangerously-nude hot tub session and Care Bears crochet bikini, to the recent nude petal bathe.

Demi has also been making headlines for ditching her U.K. base. In July, the model left London for a new life in Ibiza, something she told ES was the "best decision" she ever made.

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