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Carrie Fisher Remembered: Billie Lourd Shares 'Momby’s Australian Death Anniversary'

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By Kristin Myers on December 27, 2021 at 7:57 AM EST

The legendary "Star Wars" actress, Carrie Fisher, passed away on December 27, 2016 - exactly five years ago today.

The "Wishful Drinking" author was 60 years old when she passed away She would have celebrated her 65th birthday on October 21, 2021.

"The Princess Diarist" author experienced a heart attack while on a flight to Los Angeles on December 23, 2016. She passed away a few days later on December 27. Fisher’s mother, “Singin’ in the Rain” actress Debbie Reynolds passed away from a stroke the next day.

Fisher left behind a daughter who also appeared beside her in the "Star Wars" sequel trilogy: Billie Lourd.

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Billie Lourd Pays Tribute To Late Mother With Instagram Snap

Billie Lourd and Carrie Fisher
Instagram / praisethelourd

The day before the anniversary of her mother's death, Lourd posted a photo of her young self, her mother, and a koala.

“People always ask me what stage of grief I’m in,” Lourd began.  “And my answer is never simple.”

“I’m in a different stage of grief in each moment of every day,” she continued. “My grief is a multi course meal with many complicated ingredients. An amuse bouche of bargaining followed by an anger appetizer with a side of depression, acceptance for the entree and of course a little denial for dessert.”

“And that’s how grief should be - all things all at once - actually there is no “should” in grief - grief just is whatever it is for you and that is how it ‘should be,’” she shared.

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Many fans noticed that Lourd was posting the tribute to her mother one day before her anniversary, but Lourd was quick to explain the time difference.

She wrote, “Ps for anyone wondering why I’m posting this on the 26th it’s the 27th here down unda (aka Tomorrowland) so what better thing to post for my Momby’s Australian death anniversary (4 words I never thought I’d be putting next to each other?!?) than this picture of her and I with a koala!?”

“Sending my love to anyone out there who needs it,” she concluded, along with a string of emojis that her mother was frequently known for using in her tweets.

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Wookieepedia Pays Tribute To Princess Leia

Even the official "Star Wars" Wikipedia - officially dubbed Wookieepedia - took a moment to pay tribute to the late Princess Leia / General Organa.

"Five years ago, Carrie Fisher became one with the Force," they tweeted. "She left a lasting impact on all of us, inspiring generations to follow their dreams, and be true to themselves. May the Force be with you Princess, always."

Many more fans took to social media in order to express their condolences for the passing of the late Fisher with their favorite pictures, quotes, and screenshots from their favorite "Star Wars" films, proving that while the princess may be gone, she will never be forgotten.

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Carrie Fisher
Twitter / @WookOfficial
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