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Ryan on his morning radio show

Ryan Seacrest Shaves His Beard Amid Fears He's Quitting 'Live'

By Whitney Vasquez

Ryan Seacrest delighted fans when he took a razor blade to his face but he didn't shave off his "sloppy" beard completely. The 45-year-old teased his social media followers in the early hours on Tuesday AM when he posted a shot showing him giving his facial hair a little maintenance.

Fans have been BEGGING the "LIVE With Kelly and Ryan" host to ditch his scruffy look but he's not listening. Ryan Seacrest's bathroom selfie comes hours after concerns emerged that he might be leaving the popular morning show.

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Is Ryan Done?

Backstage with Kelly

After "LIVE" listeners began trolling Kelly Ripa over her alleged "extreme" and "over the top" behavior, many started to worry that her actions would push Ryan Seacrest to his breaking point. As The Blast reported, morning show watchers asked what's been "wrong with Kelly" after stating that she's been extra "hyper" lately.

Some even pointed out that she never let's her co-star talk, insisting that all the fame has gone to her head.

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Growing Out His Hair & Beard:

Debuting a "sloppy" look

Over the weekend, Ryan Seacrest sparked even more concerns he might be leaving "LIVE" when he appeared "sloppy," with some insisting he's letting himself go. It appears that Ryan Seacrest heard the worries about his appearance loud and clear because he cleaned up his act this week.

Turning the camera on himself for a quick AM bathroom selfie, the beloved television host took a 3-blade razor to his beautiful face and trimmed his beard which some consisted a "sloppy" look for Seacrest.

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See The Shaving Shot!

No facial hair

Slicking back his long dark and curly locks with gel, Ryan Seacrest slapped on some shaving cream and went to town, making his lines clear and precise. Going completely topless for the shaving shot, the star posed before cleaning up his look. "Some morning maintenance," Ryan Seacrest captioned the snap.

Announcing that his facial hair isn't going anywhere, he added, "Trying not to over manscape with this new razor - it’s too good. 10/10." He collected haters on the shot though.

Concerns Over Ryan's Future On 'LIVE'

Kelly and Ryan

Several fans once again begged Ryan Seacrest to go back to bare faced and shave that hair off. "Please shave the beard. Much cuter without it," one person wrote. "Take it all off. It's too dark. 😘," shared another. "Clean shaven is class," posted a third.

Ryan Seacrest has not commented on the concerns about him leaving "LIVE." He joined Kelly Ripa on the popular morning show in 2017. If Ryan is done with "LIVE," he's got plenty of projects in the works to keep him busy.

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