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Bella Thorne indoors in a white tank top

Bella Thorne Explores Being 'Ginger & Ugly' In The Shower

By Rebecca Cukier

Bella Thorne is exploring being "ginger" and "ugly," and she's doing it from a shower. The 23-year-old actress, singer, and "Life of a Wannabe Mogul" author proved she can TikTok like the rest of them last night, with a humorous video seeing the famous redhead poke fun at her unconventional beauty and flame-colored hair – but there was an agenda. The mention of "Lonely" in the video was directly driving fans to the star's new single, but for TikTok, it was plenty of fun. Check it out below.

British Accent Likely Helping

Bella Thorne in a swimsuit selfie indoors

Scroll for the video. It comes as Bella continues to make headlines for just about every reason around. Her summer 2020 OnlyFans join is still causing chaos, her "Infamous" movie and "The Babysitters" acting roles have hit #1, she's complained about spending $45,000 on COVID tests, and now she's got new music.

The video, a clear joke, showed Bella in only a sweater and criss-cross black pantyhose while seemingly distressed and from various settings that included a bedroom, mirror, and a shower as a British female voice narrated everything.

'Ginger' And 'Ugly'

Bella Thorne in a bikini on the beach

Keep scrolling for the video. "Because you're weird," the calm British voice began, continuing: "And no-one likes gingers anyway. And you don't have any friends because you're ugly."

Bella, who was seen exaggerating her distress as the voice played, super-imposed her own "Lonely" track for extra effect and promo, writing "#lonely" in her caption, also adding: "No-one likes gingers anyways."

The sneaker-clad video has been racking up views and comments. "BELLA WHAT IS GOING ON WITH U," one fan replied. More after the video.

Moaned She Spent $45K On COVID Tests

Bella Thorne takes a tennis dress selfie

Bella has definitely been making $$$ headlines. The actress who both crashed OnlyFans upon joining and earned $1 million in 24 hours from the adult subscription site went onto earn $2 million in under a week. But Bella has been complaining.

"Italy off we go 😍," she wrote last month, adding: "Covid tested before anyone enters, with as many music videos and shoots I have directed in the last two months I have spent 45 k in covid tests so far!!"

$2 Million In Under A Week From OnlyFans

Bella Thorne removing her sweater in jeans

By far the biggest headline-maker from Bella has been her signing up to OnlyFans. She sparked outrage for charging $200 for nude images that weren't nude, but it was the site introducing a $100 tipping cap shortly after her join that really caused anger. OnlyFans has some 750,000 content creators, with many accusing Bella of swiping their livelihoods.

Bella both defended her presence on OnlyFans saying she was trying to "normalize" sex and issued an apology. Here too, however, the actress took a defensive stance.

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