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Ariel Winter poses with pink hair and close up

Ariel Winter Unzipped Without Bra After Braless 'Privacy' Invasion

By Rebecca Cukier

Ariel Winter just took two invisible fingers and flipped the bird at paparazzi recently deemed to have "[invaded]" her privacy during a braless car outing. The 22-year-old "Modern Family" alum made headlines over the weekend for charging up her Tesla and getting photographed both sans bra and barefoot, with fans deeming the snaps intrusive. Ariel, who was photographed looking uncomfortable on a subsequent grocery run, is now back on-form, and she went for unzipped leather for her 4.5 million Instagram followers. Check it out below.

Braless Car Photos Deemed Invasive

Ariel Winter poses in a top and jeans

Scroll for the latest snaps. The drama kicked off with Ariel seen resting her bare feet against the front window pane of her Tesla in broad daylight, with images of the ABC face outside her vehicle showing a loungewear-come-sexy black vest worn braless – Ariel was quick to see The Daily Mail's users call "stalker."

"A bit of privacy for her please," a popular comment had read.

Ariel, whose pandemic outings have included her dropping $227 on takeout and giving cash to a homeless person outside CVS, stuck to indoors for this post (thank you very much).

Biker Chic Unfussed

Ariel Winter poses in a biker jacket and top

Keep scrolling for more photos. Ariel's Monday update, photo-heavy, showed her shouting out her love of leather and a pretty famous girl band – it was The Spice Girls all over Ariel's caption as she posed against a blue wall and popping in all-black via a sexy strapless corset, unzipped cropped leather jacket, and monochrome belt.

"If you wanna be my loverrrr you gotta get with my moods," Ariel wrote, with the screw-faces in some images pointing towards the "moods" part.

'Modern Family' Co-Star Replies

Ariel Winter poses in a a biker jacket and top

Ariel, who racked herself up over 150,000 likes in just three hours, now sees the comments section topped by a well-known face. Former "Modern Family" co-star Sarah Hyland leads the way with her "FML" – and these two have history.

Alongside co-starring on the ABC sitcom for 11 years prior to its April 2020 wrap-up, Sarah and Ariel have been sticking up for one another on Instagram. A goodbye party this year seeing Ariel in a see-through and underwear-style dress saw the actress slammed, but Sarah was quick to swoop in.

Sarah Defends Undies Dress

Ariel Winter poses

Ariel's see-through dress, worn to a group "Modern Family" farewell party came captioned:

"11 years together is proof [that] you and your TV sister will start wearing the same outfit, siblings for life will be made, and you’ll forever fight over the same professor. We’ll always be Dunphy’s and we’ll always have each other."

While one troll said Ariel lacked "class," another wrote: "Come on, girl. Why would you want to dress like that in front of a bunch of people who literally watched you grow into a young woman?"

29-year-old Hyland was quick to defend Winter, writing: "That she's a sexy and confident woman. Everyone that is making a negative comment about my sister can back the fuck up because I will not tolerate it."

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