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Meghan King Edmonds sits in front of her door with her three children.

Meghan King Edmonds Gets Called Out By Jim Edmonds' Daughter For Exposing Their Family To COVID-19

Instagram | Meghan King Edmonds
By Lindsay Cronin

Meghan King Edmonds is under fire on Instagram after revealing she was recently diagnosed with COVID-19. 

Hours after the former "Real Housewives of Orange County" cast member told her fans and followers that she had been exposed to the deadly virus after a trip to Miami earlier this month, Hayley Edmonds, one of her estranged husband Jim Edmonds' adult daughters, took to her Instagram Stories to call her out for exposing her and the rest of the Edmonds family, as well as Jim's girlfriend, Kortnie O'Connor, to the illness. 

Jim Edmonds' Daughter Shared A Telling Statement On Her Instagram Stories

Hayley Edmonds calls out Meghan King Edmonds on her Instagram Stories.
Instagram | Hayley Edmonds

"I have a question for you... I'm glad you can quarantine easily by yourself after exposing, me, my dad, Kortnie, our nanny, Landon, Sutton, and their mom, brother, and step father. (Oh and your own kids). But if you knew you were exposed on Tuesday what is your reasoning for insisting on taking Hayes to his soccer game and coming to our house on Saturday??" Hayley asked in her post, which came in response to a post made by Meghan, in which she asked for questions from her fans and followers. 

Hayley Edmonds Pokes Fun At Meghan King Edmonds' Clothing Donations

Jim Edmonds poses with daughter Hayley in Nashville, Tennessee.
Instagram | Hayley Edmonds

 "But don't worry as long as you have clothing donations... because the kids are definitely in desperate need of that as opposed to families who cannot even afford to put clothes on their kids backs," Hayley added.

Prior to being called out by her former step-daughter, Meghan shared a statement regarding her diagnosis.

“I tested positive for Covid. I have been safe while traveling but I had an exchange on Tuesday where I did not protect myself and this is when I had to have been infected," she began. 

Meghan King Edmonds Claims She's Been Safe

Meghan King Edmonds wears a mask with son Hayes.
Instagram | Meghan King Edmonds

"I have been safe with distancing and masks since Tuesday including when I went to dinner solo and stayed distant and wore a mask at Hayes’s soccer," she continued. 

Meghan then revealed that after learning she had tested positive for COVID-19, her three kids, including daughter Aspen, who turns four later this month, and her twin sons, Hayes and Hart, 2, relocated to their father's house. 

"My kids have been at their father’s but Hayes will quarantine due to brief (1 hour) proximity to me," she explained. 

Meghan King Edmonds Will Be Quarantining For At Least 10 Days

Meghan King Edmonds holds son Hart in a shark costume.
Instagram | Meghan King Edmonds

As her post continued, Meghan told her followers that she is planning to stay quarantined for at least 10 days as she recovers from extreme exhaustion. 

"I have contacted everyone and will isolate for 10 days minimum per CDC guidelines. My children will have to stay with my parents as they cannot stay at my house while I’m sick.“

Meghan and her family appeared on seasons 10 through 12 of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" before relocating from Southern California to St. Louis.

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