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Bella Thorne Sticks Tongue Out In Skimpy Lingerie While Offering Cash

By Mike Walters

Bella Thorne is asking fans to guess her favorite lyrics from the actress's new song, 'Lonely,' and she offered $50 a pop for anyone who gets the right answer. Oh ya, and she is doing it skimpy black lingerie!

The 'Life of a Wannabe Mogul' author just shared a set of eye-popping photos on Instagram, where she is sporting a tiny set of black lacey lingerie while promoting her new music.

In the sexy snaps, Bella is posing inside of her closet and includes a zoom in on the backside of the outfit. Ya, you are gonna want to see this one!

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Bella Thorne Begs Fans To Guess Her Favorite Lyric, In Lingerie!


"Who watched the new video, guess my fave lyric and I’m Venmoing u 50 bucks right now GO #lonely," Bella captioned the stunning photos.

It appears Bella is wearing the same outfit as in the popular video which has now gathered over 1.5 Million views on YouTube. Of course, the lyrics are extremely sexy and her fans are guessing the most graphic ones trying to get paid!

"My guess on the fav lyric would be “I don't wanna use my vibrator, every other time If you're not f---in' me then, that should be a crime," one fan wrote. Good guess!

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Who Wants $50 Dollars?!


"Your fav is “I only check my phone when I’m lonely and horny," another guessed.

Bella has not revealed her favorite lyrics, but did confirm a few have already won money! "Ooooh got about 20 correct so far!! I’ll be dm'ing u for ur Venmo. Looking for the rest," Bella responded in the comment section. Scroll Down For The Full Body Shot!

One fan put it like this, "Hey Bella! You look more beautiful in your new Black Patreon Lingerie model & your Black High heel shoes from Chanel! But very fabulous than ever!"

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Bella Thorne Crushes In Mind-Blowing Photos!


This isn't the first time Bella Thorne has melted down Instagram this week -- after she shared stunning behind-the-scenes footage from her new movie 'Chick Fight.'

In the mind-blowing images, Bella is decked out in skimy white spandex and taking mirror selfies to show of a generous amount of underboob! It is insane!

"I have to say, you are truly a badass for filming this movie while sick. Truly a tough as nails badass chick," one fan wrote. Adding, "You’re perfect as always."

Now, take a look at Bella's new music video, it's as hot as it sounds!

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