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'90 Day Fiancé' Star Ashley Smith Rips Candace Owens Over Harry Styles Remark

By Ryan Naumann

90 Day Fiancé star Ashley Smith is tearing conservative mouthpiece, Candace Owens, for criticizing Harry Styles for wearing a dress.

The One Direction star recently posed for Vogue where he modeled a ton of fancy ensembles, including a couple of fabulous gowns. Harry told the outlet, "There’s so much joy to be had in playing with clothes. I’ve never thought too much about what it means—it just becomes this extended part of creating something."

The photo spread sent Candace Owens into a tizzy. She unsurprisingly railed against Harry wearing dresses.


Many people online have been trashing Candace for her views on Harry’s photos. one said, "CANDACE OWENS NOT BEING ABLE TO HANDLE HARRY STYLES IN A DRESS IS QUITE POSSIBLY THE PEAK OF 2020 AHAHHAHA."

Ashley wrote, “Please mind your damn business when it comes to how someone wants to dress. Stick to politics Candace Owens, leave Harry Styles alone.”

She added, “I wish people on social media would just chill. People are way too comfortable with making fun of people. Knowing damn well they would never say it to said persons face. If you don’t like something keep scrolling. What’s so hard about doing that?”


Ashley added, "... and I know you guys see me popping off on my page but that's retaliatory. If you come for me it's like open mic night at the trap house. I don't just run around tearing others down."

The "90 Day Fiancé" star posted a screenshot of a troll who sent her a direct message about the matter. The fan wrote, "C'mon really???!! Nothing but a freak show. You'd be ok with your son wearing woman's clothing???"

Ashley said, "Whatever makes my son happy as long as he isn't breaking the law I support. That's what a mother who truly loves her child does."


As The Blast previously reported, earlier this month, Ashley filed for divorce from Jay Smith after allegedly finding him cheating on her with a stripper.

Ashley posted a TikTok video where she talked about the stripper. She started by telling fans, "I lied to the world because I'm so shamed and embarrassed I let this happen AGAIN..." She added, "I gave it my everything. i loved him so much."

"And what did he do...he was messaging the stripper he originally cheated on me again. A few days later he cheated and I told him to get out. He had her bring him to my house to get his belongings," she claimed.


The two have had a rocky relationship for the past couple of years. The divorce is the third attempt to legally end their marriage. Ashley has filed two previous cases but dismissed each before they were finalized.

The reality star met Jay while on vacation in Jamaica. He moved to America to live with her and start a new life. Things quickly went south when she found out he was cheating on her.

At one point, Jay was arrested on accusations he violated a protective order. The criminal charges were eventually dropped. Earlier this year, the couple announced they were giving it another go. It appears that didn't work out.

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