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Kelly on the red carpet

Kelly Ripa's 'Had Enough' Amid 'Extreme' Behavior Concerns

By Whitney Vasquez

Kelly Ripa made a bold statement amid concerns about the morning show host's "extreme" behavior. The 50-year-old "LIVE With Kelly and Ryan" host told Ryan Seacrest "enough is enough" on Monday's episode, ringing even more alarm bells among fans. The mom of three opened this week's show by making it clear that she's over 2020 and looking forward to starting a new year.

Last week, "LIVE" viewers asked what's "been wrong with Kelly" with several pointing out she's been "over the top" and too "extreme" lately.

Kelly Sparks Worry:

Kelly in a black dress

As The Blast reported, fans began trolling the morning show's official Instagram page days ago to address their issues with Kelly Ripa. One person claimed she's been extra "hyper" during the past few episode with another stating she's making it "uncomfortable" to watch the beloved show.

In one photo showing Kelly Ripa flashing a whole lot of leg, someone asked, "Omg ... what has been wrong with Kelly the last couple of days?" They added that she's been acting "over the top" then listed examples.

'Uncomfortable' To Watch?

Ryan in Kelly's glasses

In another post, a different "viewer" accused Kelly Ripa of being "really extreme on the show this morning." They then claimed the episode was "uncomfortable to watch," with another watcher accusing Ryan and Kelly of having "loud tension." So, when Kelly Ripa opened Monday's show with her bold statement, fans listened closely.

When Ryan Seacrest told his co-host that he was ready to put up his Christmas tree. Kelly Ripa had a lot to say. "Enough is enough," she replied to Ryan.

'Enough Is Enough'

Kelly and Ryan on red carpet

In a clip from the show, Kelly Ripa can be seen interrupting her TV husband stating, "I mean honestly, because it's... enough already," she continued, referencing the pandemic. "We've all had enough," she added.

While Kelly Ripa has yet to address the concerns surrounding her "extreme" behavior on last week's show, "LIVE" viewers are now worried that she's pushing her co-host to the side. Others are concerned Ryan Seacrest might quit the morning show after joining Kelly Ripa as co-host in 2017.

Fans Are Concerned Ryan Will Quit:

Kelly and Ryan

While Ryan Seacrest appeared smiling and happy alongside Kelly Ripa during today's show, it didn't stop fans from debating about his future on the show. "Is Ryan leaving the show?" someone questioned in the comments of the "enough" video. "Idk, is he?" asked another. "???" posted a third.

"LIVE With Kelly and Ryan" isn't the only job Ryan Seacrest is juggling. He's still the host of "American Idol" and KIIS-FM's "On Air With Ryan Seacrest." He also just added another commitment to his plate amid concerns.

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