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Jessica Simpson poses sassily in a check shirt

Jessica Simpson Hikes Up Flexible Legs Flaunting 100-Pound Weight Loss

By Rebecca Cukier

You be the judge – Jessica Simpson's "morning stretches" are causing a giant hoopla on the 40-year-old's Instagram, with the actress and singer's weekend post bringing a giant fireside stretch. Jessica, who famously dropped 100 pounds in just six months last year, was proving she's 100% kept the weight off, and it looks like she's sneak-peeking how. On Saturday, Jessica updated stretching her legs right up in the air while promoting her best-selling clothing line and by the fire. It was a win-win. Check it out below.

Not In The 'High Two Hundreds' Anymore

Jessica Simpson poses in a bodysuit and boots indoors

Scroll for the photo. It comes as Jessica admits that tipping the scales at 240 pounds in 2019 was actually closer to 300 pounds – "in the high two hundreds," the blonde told Hollywood Life.

The photo, fun and flexible at once, showed the "Dukes of Hazzard" star on her wooden floor and backed by a cozy burning fire. The Jessica Simpson Style CEO, in tight jeans and a black top, was lying down with both legs perfectly stretched out, also shooting the camera a slightly naughty gaze.

Keep Scrolling For The Shot!

Jessica Simpson poses doing poolside yoga

Jessica, taking to her caption, told fans: "Morning stretches in my @jessicasimpsonstyle jeans," adding a fun gym emoji.

If you think promo mentions from Jessica don't work, think again. The star's brand, which turned $1 billion in 2015 sales, is still going strong, with replies today taking less than 20 minutes to comment on the outfit. Simpson, also wearing cozy, knitted boots, was told: "Those boots!!!!"

"I want and need those," another said.

A slightly more NSFW work comment came in, though – "And that's how you got pregnant!" a fan joked.

How She Dropped 100 Pounds


Jessica shed the weight after welcoming third baby Birdie Mae last year. Alongside walking up to 10,000 steps a day, the singer followed a strict diet, something that trainer Harley Pasternak has detailed.

“She would eat one whole egg and three egg whites for breakfast, scrambled with a bowl of blackberries. For lunch she would have a salad with grilled chicken and grilled fish with salad and vegetables for dinner," he said, adding:

"As for snacks, she would have almonds and sometimes green beans with Parmesan cheese on top. She was very disciplined."

Check out Jessica baking after the shot!

Admits She Can Barely Eat Eggs Anymore

Jessica Simpson baking with her daughter

Jessica has herself opened up on her weight-loss journey, with summer 2020 bringing an interview with Hollywood Life. The mom to Ace, Maxwell, and Birdie admitted she can barely look at cauliflower or eggs anymore after eating so much of them while shedding the weight – eggs are in cakes only.

As to what Jessica has been eating lately, her giant Halloween stash complete with Milano cookie graves and pretzel spiders was a bit of a giveaway. The star has admitted continuing to monitor her eating, but she will indulge in mac and cheese.

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