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Rob Kardashian Shows Off Heartbreaking Tribute Tattoo Of His Father Who Passed Away

By Mike Walters

Rob Kardashian is showing off a heartbreaking tattoo he had done in tribute of his late father, Robert Kardashian, and it is priceless work of art.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star shared the pictorial body ink on Instagram, where he has a full-sized tattoo of Robert Kardashian on his forearm. The piece of art was done by one of the most famous tattoo artists in the country, Mr. Cartoon, and Rob is thanking him for the mind-blowing work.

This comes on the heels of Kanye West gifting wife Kim Kardashian an actual hologram of Robert, speaking to her to celebrate her 40th birthday.

See The Dope Tattoo!

See Rob Kardashian's Stunning Piece Of Body Art!


"Thank You, brother!! @misterctoons 💪💪🙏 💙💙," Rob captioned the picture.

Rob's family are just as blown away as we are about the stunning piece of art and sister Kourtney Kardashian commented on the picture, "🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️✨✨."

Kardashian fans flooded his IG page saying, "It looks just like him 😍🔥☺️," and "Beautiful picture of your dad💯💋 , beautiful tribute to your father 👏👏👏😍😍🇧🇷 Wow it looks just like your dad great work❣️."

One person wrote, "Beautiful Rob he will always be with u."

See Precious Photo Of Rob and His Father When He Was A Kid!

'It Looks Just Like Him!'


"Lmao remember when you got your first tattoo on KUWTK and your whole fam was freaking out - oh how the times have changed," one fan joked about the picture.

As we reported, Kanye West gifted his wife Kim Kardashian a mind-blowing present -- a hologram video of Robert Kardashian speaking to her from beyond the grave. In the clip, Robert tells Kim how proud he is of her, and even speaks to the rest of the family.

On 'KUWTK' fans get to see Kim's reaction to the hologram and as you can imagine it is a real tear-jerker.

See The Video!

Kanye West Gifts Kim Kardashian Hologram Video Of Father For 40th Birthday!


“Thank you for that. Seriously, thank you,” Kim says to her husband as she watches the video.

Kanye, who wasn't at the private island party, gets a call from Kim who says, “I can’t wait to see it again.”

In the hologram clip, Robert says, “Happy birthday, Kimberly. Look at you. You’re 40 and all grown up. You’re beautiful, just like when you were a little girl. I watch over you and your sisters and brother and the kids every day.”

Robert was a top tier celebrity attorney, who famously represented O.J. Simpson in his murder trial for allegedly killing his ex-wife. He died at the age of 59 from cancer in 2003.

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