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Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron Strikes Back At The Patriarchy With Long-Legged Stiletto Selfies

By Jeff Mazzeo

Dove Cameron uses Instagram in two way ways, she educates her large following, and she shares extremely fashionable photos!

The "We Belong" singer shared some chic selfies on Friday. She wore a gorgeous white gown that left her long legs exposed and gave a great view of her fantastic matching stiletto heels. The former Disney star did more than just sharing a few snaps of her dress, she educated her millions of fans about why Friday the 13th is viewed as unlucky. Hint: it’s that damn patriarchy again!

Look And Learn

Dove Cameron's long legs selfie.

Dove has been noticeably absent or Instagram recently but said she had to make a post on a special day.

"haven’t been on here but couldn’t let my favorite day pass ! happy friday the 13th ! : historically celebrated as the day of the goddess before it was ever re-branded as an unlucky day by patriarchal leaders around the ancient roman era. 13 is an inherently feminine number, representing the 13 cycles of the moon and subsequently women’s bodies, and the incredible relationship between the two. friday is derived from the latin term ‘dies Veneris’ which translates ‘Day of Venus.’ or, the direct namesake derived from Norse Godess Freya who was also associated with Venus, love, beauty, fertility, death and rebirth (new life). the more you look into history and timelines of belief systems, the more you will see women being defamed, shamed, re-branded, and generally demonized as a way to shift power to male-dominant organizations at a time when matriarchy was a threat to their success,” Dove explained.

She continued, “so, knowing this : today is not unlucky, and it is a perfect day to drop into your body, and do some form of self worship, whatever that means for you. tap into your power and face necessary pain to amplify your growth, as a gift to yourself. let go of harmful ideals that have been keeping you stagnant, inhabit your highest self and show up for her as she is now. your higher self and intuition is always there, waiting for you to tap in. show up and be brave as fuck. healing work is not easy, but it must be done. until you meet yourself, you will be waiting.”

Fans Love The Lesson


Dove's large following appreciated the new selfies and the lesson about the day of the woman. The actress does her best to give the fans what they want (her selfies) while injecting a little knowledge.

"I needed to read this today. Thanks boo! ❤️ILY," an appreciative follower commented, while another said, "Happy Day of the Goddess Dove 🙌🏼."

Many fans were equally impressed by the stunning dress pics.

"Yo when you told me this on set, I was in awe😍 also what a stunning dress," a fellow actress wrote.

Rage Against The Patriarchy

Dove Cameron flashing the mountains.

The white dress pics post was not the first time that Dove has lashed out at the patriarchy on social media. She showed them what's what when she broke the law and flashed her beautiful mountains to the beautiful Utah mountains when she was on vacation over the summer.

"puBliC NuDiTy iS ilLeGaL !! f--k the patriarchy celebrate the body !! get ur t--s out!!!! 👽" she wrote at the time time.

It's hard to determine if she or the mountains got the better view that day.

Legs For Days

Dove Cameron's snake tattoo.

Cameron is only 5'2" but she is mostly legs! She highlighted her long gams last month when she showed off her snake tattoo and lovely green dress by Ralph and Russo.

Surprised by the slithering tattoo? Well, Dove is actually a big fan of body art and has several cute tattoos. Her favorite one is a rose inside the barrel of a gun that she got to honor her late "Descendants" co-star, Cameron Boyce.

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