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Britney Spears Sparks Major Concern After Losing Battle With Father Over Conservatorship

By Mike Walters

Britney Spears is sparking major concern over her current mental health after losing a battle with her father over her ongoing conservatorship case.

The Pop Princess just shared a cryptic message on Instagram that has many of her fans worried it is some sort of sign, or that she may be struggling in some way.

Britney posted another random shot from her backyard, where she is wearing one of her tops that she is known for reusing over and over -- and it now has her fans up in arms and asking questions. The IG post comes on the heels of BS losing a major battle over trying to remove her father from the conservatorship.

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'Are You OK?'


"Yellow 📞 .... hello .... what’s your favorite color 💛🌼⭐️ ???" is all Britney wrote in the caption.

In the shot, she is posed in a yellow crop top and is showing off a bit of her porch. Britney has a concerned look in her eyes, and the post has many calling again for 'Free Britney.'

"Are you ok?" one fan asked straight up. "Do you guys think something’s wrong because I do," another said.

A few don't believe Britney is even the one posting the images in the first place. "Her team is posting on her Instagram guys!! Don't be fooled!" a fan wrote. One went as far as to say, "You look like a prisoner of war being held captive. I hope you're rescued soon."

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Britney Sparks Worries After Losing Major Court Battle Against Her Father...


We think the rescuing comments are going a little too far, after Britney's lawyer has been hammering members of her conservatorship case in the past few weeks, and has the ability to discuss any of Spears' issues with the court.

But, Brit's team took a tough loss earlier this week, after she was denied a request to remove her father was conservator of her estate. As we reported, Britney is attempting to regain control of her $60 Millon fortune and bring in a new investment bank to control the finances.

According to reports, based on her explosive relationship with her father -- Britney refuses to perform anymore as long as her father is in control.

The issue is that many of her fans believe the stress of the ongoing battle has taken its toll on the pop star.

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The Fight Rages On...


During a recent hearing, Britney's lawyer informed the judge in her conservatorship case that Britney was afraid of her father. At the time, he also cited Jamie's negligence in the case by not informing her they hired a new business manager.

"Freee Britney!!!!!!" a fan wrote in response to the news.

"You’re gonna make it Brit because we all support you, you gonna be stronger than yesterday!!" another added.

As for the case, it is not over yet. Britney's lawyer is continuing the fight to remove her father from the conservatorship and replace many of the players with professionals of her choosing. Britney's sister, Jamie Lynn, even dropped out of being the executor of her family trust.

The fight continues to rage on...

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