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Dr. Dre's Alleged Mistress Jillian Takes Off Her Pants For Sultry Photoshoot

By Ryan Naumann

Dr. Dre's alleged mistress Jillian Speer took off her clothes for a sultry photo shoot in the desert.

The songwriter/musician shared a series of photos that were taken at Joshua Tree, California. Jillian undressed while taking in the gorgeous sunset. She didn't appear to have a care in the world while photographed by a friend.

In another shot, Jillian is in a hot tub without anything on. She made sure to keep her backside above water for the shot. Dre's alleged side piece wanted to expose her peach for the camera.


The timing of the post is interesting given Jillian was recently accused of playing a factor in breaking up Dre's marriage. Dre's estranged wife, Nicole Young, recently fired off subpoenas to three women she believes had an affair with the mogul during their 24-year marriage.

The women include Jillian, Kili Anderson, and Crystal Sierra aka Crystal Rogers. Nicole wants to grill them about their alleged relationships with her husband. Jillian has objected to the deposition and refuses to answer Nicole's questions.


Jillian shared a lengthy note with the post about life. She wrote, "✨Lay my head on the desert floor and then just leave me be....Let the stillness there & passing sun in sky just set me free......I’m no good for the race or pace, only good for the beat. The heart that beats hard like the sun across the sky is the apple of my eye."

Jillian ended, "Bless-ed are the 4-legged and those who sing for more. I’m asking Life to shine the Light on what it’s asking for. If kisses could heal the world then let’s make out until we die....I’m Learning how to be someone who disappears to Fly. I asked the desert floor to hold me, cradle me & sing. I need to dance when I’m asleep so I can learn to Breathe....~j"


As The Blast previously reported, Dre's divorce from Nicole has grown increasingly nasty in the past couple of months. Nicole is asking the court to award her $2 million a month in temporary support. She believes the amount is justified based on the lifestyle they lived during their marriage.

Dre is objecting to the request saying Nicole doesn't need anywhere near that much money to cover her bills. The music mogul claims he even continues to pay several of her bills including a personal chef.


After Nicole filed for divorce, Dre accused Nicole of stealing money from his company accounts. She countered by dragging the alleged mistresses into the battle. She is also wanting to know if Dre was ever hit with any paternity lawsuits he failed to tell her about during their union.

Dre and Nicole also have vastly different views on whether they have a prenuptial agreement. Nicole says Dre tore up the paperwork years after they got hitched. Dre says this never happened and wants the prenup enforced.

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