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Kelly and Ryan

Kelly Ripa's Toothbrush Exploited By Ryan Seacrest's Mouth

By Whitney Vasquez

Kelly Ripa is close with her beloved co-host Ryan Seacrest but the television duo just pushed the boundaries a little too far. The 50-year-old longtime "LIVE With Kelly and Ryan" host has often referred to her morning show partner as her "second husband" and he's proving to be just that.

In a hilarious spoof video, shared on both Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest's official Instagram accounts, the two showed that boundaries don't exist when it comes to their friendship off the camera.

He's Like Her Second Husband!

Ryan in Kelly's sunglasses

In the clip, posted on Wednesday, November 11, the morning show hosts proved why they're the best in the business and it's because they NEVER GO HOME. They eat, sleep, work, and repeat every single day even after the production lights turn off. In the funny video, Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest joked that they never leave the "LIVE" stage.

And when it comes to catching some zzzs, the two even get ready for bedtime together.

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Work, Eat, Sleep, Repeat:

Kelly and Ryan backstage

Opening the spoof by looking like a jungle-worthy stunner, Kelly Ripa's award-winning curves are seen dressed in a smoking hot red dress with animal print all over. "People always ask us: 'How come you look so chipper in the morning?" she said, to which her other half interrupted.

"They must think we get here before the sun comes up," Ryan Seacrest responded before the "LIVE" duo revealed their secret to TV success. "We live here!" he screamed into the camera.

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Their Bedtime Routine:

Toothbrush mix-up

That's when they showed their routine that occurs every day after showtime. In the clip, Ryan Seacrest goes from work to party mode by making a cocktail in his "LIVE" coffee mug while Kelly Ripa defrosted a chicken in the staff kitchen. While the whole thing is hilarious, fans of the show were not ready for what happened next.

Showing the morning show duo in their pajamas, Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest were seen prepping for bedtime when an embarrassing mix-up happens.

Kelly's Oral Hygiene Compromised:

Taking a selfie

Doing their nighttime routine together in a fake bathroom on the "LIVE" set, Ryan Seacrest was seen brushing his teeth but he wasn't using the right instrument. "Hello! That's my toothbrush!" Kelly Ripa screamed at her co-host who looked horrified with a mouth full of foamy toothpaste. Proving they really are like husband and wife, fans couldn't get enough of Kelly's scolding.

When it was time for bed, Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest flopped into bed at the same time and delivered the cutest send-off imaginable.

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