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Dr. Dre's Alleged Mistress Strips Down To Lingerie Amid Divorce Drama

By Ryan Naumann

Dr. Dre's alleged mistress Jillian Speer stripped down to lacy black lingerie after being dragged into the mogul's divorce with his estranged wife Nicole Young.

Songwriter Jillian posted the sultry snap on her Instagram account. Dre's alleged side piece is seen standing on her bed while wearing a one-piece nightie. She made sure to show off her toned legs while posing for the camera.

The post comes days after Nicole fired off a subpoena to three women she believes had an affair with Dre during their 24-year marriage.


The women include songwriter Crystal Sierra aka Crystal Rogers, Kili Anderson, and Jillian. All of them are fighting the subpoenas and have refused to sit for questioning by Nicole. Dre's estranged wife clearly wants to grill them under oath about her husband and the alleged relationship they carried on.

Jillian has remained pretty quiet after being called out by Dre's wife in court. Nicole is hoping to gain information to use against Dre. Nicole believes she should be paid around $2 million a month in temporary support.


Dre is objecting to Nicole's request. He believes the amount is excessive and Nicole doesn't need all that to pay her bills. They are also fighting over the prenuptial agreement signed before their marriage.

In her divorce petition, Nicole said they did not have a prenup. Dre countered saying they did actually have a valid agreement. Nicole claims Dre tore up the paperwork years into their marriage. She believes the deal should not be enforced and everything should be split evenly.

Truly Young

Dre and Nicole's 19-year-old daughter Truly Young recently reappeared on Instagram amid her parent's nasty divorce battle. She shared a photo of herself looking completely unfazed by it all.

Truly looked stunning while rocking a white dress with pink ribbons all over it. She put on a pair of black leather Doc Martens to finish off the look. Dre's daughter has been extremely quiet about her parents but did defend Nicole publicly.

She tore 50 Cent to shreds after he tried to talk badly about her mom.


Dre says he never tore up the prenup and wants it enforced in court. He says the deal states Nicole will not be given half of his fortune. Dre is worth an estimated $1 billion dollars, which means there is a lot at stake.

Nicole is also demanding answers on whether Dre was ever hit with a paternity lawsuit during their marriage. Nicole wants all documents turned over relating to "all monies paid on retainer and/or fees and costs paid to legal counsel and/or experts in connection with any Paternity Action."

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