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Kelly Ripa in a selfie with husband Mark

Kelly Ripa Struggles In Zip Skirt 'Not Meant For Walking'

By Rebecca Cukier

"Some skirts aren't made for walking" – comments didn't take long today as Kelly Ripa clicked her high heels across the "Live! With Kelly and Ryan" set in an impossibly tight zip pencil skirt. The 50-year-old, fresh from both concerns over her weight and celebrating 30 years with Walt Disney Co., was back to sashaying around the stage on Wednesday, but with a compromising wardrobe, the blonde wasn't having an easy time. Kelly, who this year admitted her pants were "too tight," seemed to be delivering round two. Check it out below.

Definitely Not A 'Floaty' Skirt

Kelly Ripa shows off a frilly dress

Scroll for the video. Kelly was, as usual, filmed by "Live!" just minutes before going live, with the former "All My Children" actress also seen with 45-year-old co-host Ryan Seacrest. The mom of three was seen at the far left of the stage, then gingerly making her way towards the socially-distanced seating in place – and it was a struggle.

Kelly, who had gone for a forest green blouse to near- match her high heels, was wearing a high-waisted black skirt that couldn't have been tighter, with a rear view showing a full zip going all the way down.

Caught In The Moment?

Kelly Ripa on set in a skirt and heels

Keep scrolling for the video. Kelly, who seemingly had to adjust her walk to the fabrics being so tight, nonetheless aced it – you won't see a "wardrobe malfunction" headline from this star.

A caption from "Live!" urged viewers to tune in and for a special: "Tune in now!" it read, adding: "We're honoring the veterans in our lives."

Fans have been commenting. Many, including one saying "Great outfit Kelly!" sent the star the thumbs-up, but the video wasn't even 30 minutes old before one fan commented on the skirt not being "for walking." More below.

If You Think She Just Sits And Chats

Kelly Ripa

Kelly, who has been on "Live!" since 2001, does way more than embarrassing "American Idol" host Ryan over his "morning douche" and making America laugh. The star, whose $22 million-a-year salary affords her the perks of her $27 million NYC townhouse, has an executive producer role. In 2019, she told The Cut:

"After the show, I go to the post-production meeting and then I go to the production offices. I’ve always attended the production meetings, even before I was an executive producer. I think it’s important to figure out what’s working and what’s not working."

Ryan Ditches Her Amid Massive COVID Fear

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest walking backstage

September marked Kelly and Ryan reuniting on-set after 180 days of quarantine-set video streaming, but October made far bigger headlines as Kelly was left solo for two days straight. One day was an "off" one for Ryan, but the second saw him await the results of a COVID test amid reports he'd been suffering from a "minimal cough."

Ryan, whose results were fortunately negative, was quick to thank Kelly for holding down the fort, even admitting that it felt "good" to see the result come back all-clear.

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