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Howard Stern Playing With His Cats Is The Most Heartwarming Thing You've Ever Seen!

By Mike Walters

Howard Stern revealed the way he decompresses after doing his morning show, and it's the most precious thing you have ever seen!

The King Of All Media spends the minutes following his daily broadcast petting and playing with the families rescue cats -- and his wife, Beth Stern, shared a heartwarming video of him petting one of the fur babies following today's show.

In the video, Howard is seen sitting on the floor and explaining to his wife that Moosh (The Cat) expects daddy to play every day and bring treats with him!

You Gotta See This!

See The Heartwarming Video!


In the video, Howard explained that his massive audience is very aware that he has a strict schedule where he needs to get off the air and play with his cats.

"She gets treats, I give her five a day," Stern explained.

Moosh obviously loves the attention from daddy, and Beth points out that "she's been waiting for hours" for Howard to get done with the show and rub her belly!

"She loves you hun," Beth tells Howard as he pets the kitty on the floor.

Usually, the cats get to post with their beautiful mother on Instagram! Take A Look!

Howard's Kitties Love Their Momma Too!


Obviously, they love their mommy too -- and in many cases, they are getting their fair share of fame after Beth shares posed down photos with the little guys.

"I love this!!! We need more of this and less hate! 😞😘😘," one fan wrote. "She picked her human. So much love! Bless you guys for giving these sweet cats the time, space and love to feel comfortable," another added.

"Moosh has a real love with Howard that took a long time but is very real. Based on trust. So great that Howard had the patience to see this relationship. To a great conclusion. ❤️❤️❤️" another fan said.

See More Shots!

Howard Stern Grills Governor Andrew Cuomo On Dating Chelsea Handler!


Howard Stern made huge headlines this week after having New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, on his show talking everything from running for President to dating celebrities!

The King and his crew questioned the Governor on whether or not Chelsea Handler had reached out to him following her very public interest in the politician.

“Chelsea Handler is from the state of California, so she would be quarantined. I need a date who is not quarantined. Can’t have somebody come and stay on a date for 14 days,” Gov. Cuomo responded while laughing.

As for the top job in the land, Howard asked straight up, “You had absolutely no desire to run for President, is that accurate?”

“That is accurate,” Gov. Cuomo responded.

The bottom line, during a rough time, this will make you feel way better! Let's see that again -- and this time listen with the volume up!

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