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'Fox Nation' Host Tomi Lahren Sizzles In Skin Tight Dress Saying 'It's Not Over Yet'

By Mike Walters

'Fox Nation' host Tomi Lahren really wants you to get a clear message about the election, and she is willing to shock you with a hot video to get your attention!

The uber-conservative host took to Instagram to remind everyone that the Presidential election is officially not over yet, even though Joe Biden is being described as the 'President-elect.'

In the smoking video, Tomi is sporting an electric pink mini-dress to remind her fans, 'It's Not Over Yet.' Not everyone agrees, but most can confirm she got their attention.

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In the sexy snap, Tomi held up three pieces of white paper with Sharpie written on it saying, "It's Not Over." As she dropped each piece of paper the next word was revealed.

"I firmly believe what is done in the dark will be brought to light. It’s. Not. Over. #TeamTomi #Trump2020 #EndVoterFraud #Itsnotover," she captioned the video.

As you can see, she is also sporting a hot pink mini-dress to deliver her political message -- she knows what she is doing.

"You a baddie, Tomi is soo fine😍 god bless her!" fans wrote. Adding, "Why do you look so fine today?"

This isn't the first time...

Tomi Lahren Sparks Debate Over Presidential Election Results...


As you can imagine, Tomi's message started a major political debate on whether or not the Presidential election is in fact over or not.

"Amen! We got this and I’m not giving an inch until we KNOW who legally won. As for now, to all the lib trolls on (Tomi's) page... DONALD TRUMP IS STILL YOUR PRESIDENT 🙂👏🇺🇸," one person wrote.

Another added, "Tomi it's ok. Sometimes elections don't go your way, they certainly didn't go my way, get up and move on. Republicans got a lot to figure out over the next 4 years. Focus on the future."

One said it simply, "President-Elect Joe Biden. Get used to it."

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'Fox Nation' Hots Shocks Dressing Up As Sexy Rioter For Halloween


As we reported, Tomi made huge headlines after sharing her Halloween costume which was a group of sexy rioters. "A Mostly Peaceful Halloween," she captioned the photos.

In the photos, Tomi was joined by two of her friends and dressed up appearing like they were going to riot in the city, using axes and hammers. "Did you dress up as a liberal, Antifa babe? I always knew you were Antifa," a person wrote at the time.

"We’ve got big tech, the media, and fraud against us but we FIGHT ON. It is not over," continued on Twitter.

We are guessing this isn't the last time we are going to hear about this from the 'Fox Nation' host.

Stay Tuned...

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