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Olivia Culpo Sizzles In Topless Photoshoot For Shape Magazine

By Mike Walters

Olivia Culpo is getting recognition from one of the premier fitness magazines in the world, and for a good reason, she is absolutely ripped! So, she decided to strip down and show the world what she is working with...

The supermodel sat down with Shape Magazine to discuss a number of issues including her recent diagnosis of Endometriosis, and along with the interview, she was snapped topless for a photo shoot that accompanied the text. It is amazing!

Not only were the photos dro-dead gorgeous, but she also showed off her perfect stomach. It's Shape remember!

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See The Mind-Blowing Topless Shot!


Olivia started the week by sharing a sexy snap from a recent Mexico vacation where it appears the supermodel misplaced her pants. But, we are not complaining. "Brb looking for my pants👖," she captioned the mind-blowing photos.

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As we reported, Culpo just returned from the tropical trip where she was joined by her sister Sophia and a group of girlfriends. She made huge headlines after sharing a sexy photo of herself draped all over her hot sister, saying, "Sometimes we fight sometimes we make up." Of course, it sent Instagram into a tailspin!

Now, To The Topless Photo!



As you can see, when you are working with an almost perfect body -- the more you show off the better! The shoot was done in a perfect and classy way, as the model showed her rock-hard physique.

"The most perfect human being ever! 😍" one person wrote.

Another added, "You are truly beautiful and attractive and very sexy can I please get an autographed picture." We can all agree with this one, "Keep them coming, I will never get tired of admiring that magnificent body of yours."

Olivia Culpo describes her heartbreaking diagnosis of Endometriosis...Below.

Sometimes We Fight Sometimes We Make Up!


According to the new interview, Culpo learned of her diagnosis about a year and a half ago after feeling like something was wrong and dealing with chronic pain.

“I had gone to a number of doctors in agony — crying, shaking. When you’re living with chronic pain, you don’t know if you want to throw up or just curl into a ball and cry. That’s when I started a six-month journey of trying to figure it out. ‘Okay, what is going on here?’ I finally went to a doctor who was able to diagnose me. Good thing, because my condition was advanced, and she needed to check my eggs immediately to make sure my fertility was intact," she said.

There's More...

Olivia Culpo Describes Dealing With Endometriosis Diagnosis


As for how she is dealing with it, “Right now, I’m trying to figure out new ways to heal holistically through what I’m eating and the rest that I’m giving myself. I’m also exploring acupuncture, massages, Chinese herbal medicine, and maybe cutting out caffeine," she told the magazine.

In the end, Culpo revealed she is prioritizing her mental wellness, which including Pilates, and meditation.

“I’m also a big believer in meditation. I implemented Transcendental Meditation into my pageant training. I did it daily as I was preparing. It was not about winning, but more soul searching that meditation definitely helped with. These days, it’s about closing my eyes and visualizing what I want to see even in the day that’s ahead," she explained.

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