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Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne's Braless Pajama Pants Dirty Dance Will Get You Through The day

By Jeff Mazzeo

When in Rome, Bella Thorne does as the Romans do... we just didn't know the Romans love to dance in their pajamas!

The beautiful actress is currently in Italy supporting her boyfriend, Ben Mascolo as he films his first-ever movie. Bella was feeling kinda lonely and ... on Tuesday so she decided to do a pajama pants dirty dance to get the blood flowing. Thorne sensually danced around and teased her fans by pretending to pull her shirt up while singing the lyrics of her new song, “Lonely.”

Let's Dance!


Bella was busting a move it Ben's dressing room trailer.

"Lonely and ...... 🥰😍 Wow legit just noticed this video doesn’t have sound wtf insta!?! Everyone go listen to my song lonely,” she captioned her dancing clip.

Obviously, her millions of fans were thrilled with the dirty dance and sounded off in the comments section of her post.

"Good morning lovely!💙” an excited fan wrote, while another said, “Nice dancing moves. love you queen.”

"I want those pants tho 😻,” a third fan commented.

Only Fans Get Her New Music

Bella Thorne in a white bikini.

As we previously mentioned, the clip also helped promote her new song, which is available on her OnlyFans and anywhere music is sold. She seems extremely proud of her new jam because she wrote from the heart.

"I only check my phone when I'm lonely and horny I only check my phone when I feel all alone”

Thorne seems to check her phone a lot and she doesn’t look that lonely to us! Her music video quickly gained over 1 million views and is still counting. Take a listen and see if you can get the tune out of your head!

Vampire Sisters

Bella and her sister, Kaili Thorne.

Halloween is a family affair in the Thorne household and Bella and her sisters, Dani Thorne and Kaili Thorne transformed into sultry vampires for the spooky holiday and posed for some pics that didn’t suck.

"Which vamp sister are u?? Swipe for da fangs @dani_thorne @kailifknthorne," Bella captioned the spooky snaps.

Kaili went for the classic joke caption... it's an oldie but a goodie.

"3 Vampire Sisters walk into a bar..." Kaili wrote alongside her fangy smile pic.

Dani seemed to enjoy both posts and commented, "Such a dope shot!! 🔥🔥🔥 As a vampire," and "This is so cute."

October 31 is only one day but Bella Na her beautiful sisters wore enough costumes for the entire month. We can’t wait to see their Thanksgiving costumes!

Birthday Pics

Bella Thorne in her birthday suit.

The actress turned 23-years-old on October 8 but she was the one who gifted her fans with some very sultry cake day pics. She threw a massive party with all her friends and loved ones and thanked them for coming on social media.

"What a great birthday my friends are so special 😍😍 Ps. Everyone was COVID tested before entering 😋😋," Bella wrote so some fans wouldn't be triggered.

Thorne has spared no expense when it comes to safety and she recently revealed that she has spent over $45K on tests while filming all her various projects.

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