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Nastia Liukin poses with a hair braid

Gymnast Nastia Flaunts Massive Thigh Gap After Shower

By Rebecca Cukier

Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin was zero-pants, long hair, don't care today. The 31-year-old five-time Olympic medalist gets a break from the glam, though, having spent the weekend traveling for work and even filming herself not yet home from the airport after 2 a.m. Nastia, followed by 1 million, updated her Instagram stories on Monday with a little self-care and a little promo. The Russian-born star was shouting out clothing brand Revolve while posing with post-shower hair. Check it out below.

Bath Or Shower?

Nastia Liukin poses in a bubble bath

Scroll for the photo. The above one made headlines earlier this year as Nastia's hyper-extended legs helped "bring back bubble baths for 2020" as the gymnast promoted popular skincare brand Olay.

Today's shot came as a bedroom selfie and from Nastia's Dallas, TX home. The 2008 all-around Olympic champion, posing in front of her circular mirror, was flaunting that massive thigh gap and her toned legs in only a blue hoodie, with "Do U. Be U. For U" across the front coming uplifting enough for Nastia to quote it.

Keep Scrolling For The Selfie!

Nastia Liukin stretching in leggings oudoors

Nastia, also rocking her blonde hair wet, wrote: "Thanks for the reminder," then shouting out the Revolve clothing brand also regularly influenced for by stars including 28-year-old model Olivia Culpo and ex to Scott Disick, Sofia Richie.

Nastia might flaunt her slender frame, but she hasn't had it easy of late. October saw a fan DM ask Nastia how she feels about "promoting borderline anorexia looking bodies," with the gymnast horrified enough to repost it, alongside a giant clap-back as she admitted feeling both "triggered" and "pissed."

Didn't Appreciate Anorexia Remark

Nastia Liukin takes a pantless sweatshirt selfie

Nastia, who told The Cut that her mom raised her to "have a cookie" if she wants one, was guns blazing as she fired back while snapping herself in a tight, scoop-neck bronze dress. She sent the fan packing, writing:

"If taking pictures of my OWN body — a body that won me many Olympic medals, a body that I push each day to get stronger, a body that God gave me — is inherently promoting anorexia, then honestly, we've gotten to a place in the world where just BEING is offensive."

Birthday Donuts And Burger Chow-Down

Nastia Liukin smiling with a donuts tray

Nastia turned 31 on October 30. The Volition beauty collaborator threw a giant bash in her backyard complete with pink balloons as she rocked up in a stunning white dress, but the food wasn't exactly lacking as the former athlete rung in "year 31."

Nastia kicked off her birthday with a giant tray of multicolor sprinkle donuts, then getting filmed with a candle placed inside her Shake Shack burger as she hit up the fast-food chain. A recent pantry tour from Liukin also revealed she absolutely, and always, keeps Oreo cookies stocked at home.

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