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Salma Hayek poses amid leaves

Salma Hayek Stuns In Pajamas To Show A Good Heart

By Rebecca Cukier

Salma Hayek's Instagram just exploded – likes poured in at lighting speed as the "Like A Boss" actress showed her pink pajamas, with the 54-year-old's Monday Instagram update being all about love. Salma, fresh from being slammed as she posted a braless Statue Of Liberty throwback to celebrate soon-to-be POTUS Joe Biden's win, brought in all the positivity in the world as she posed in her cozy PJs and from her bed. Those 16.5 million followers have been loving the shot. Check out why below.

Hollywood Superstar Keeps It Simple


Scroll for the photo. Salma, who has been upping her designer game this year while dripping in Gucci and even lying in a sea of shoes from the Italian designer, had gone pared-down. The photo showed the Mexican in bed and resting against a pink pillow while in selfie mode.

Salma may have attended the Bottega Veneta fashion show in London last month, but the simple pajama top wardrobe threw designer vibes out the window. "ONLY LOVE," the PJ top read as Salma shot the camera a direct and expressionless gaze.

Caption Brings Unity After Joe Biden Backlash

Salma Hayek in bed for a selfie

Keep scrolling for the Statue of Liberty photo. Salma took to her caption, writing: "Only love," then adding a Spanish translation and a #love.

"Gorgeous," one fan wrote, with another saying: "Perfection."

The comments today are a total 180 from yesterday, when Salma, triumphantly seen in her 2000s throwback, wrote: "The time has come to liberate ourselves from division."

Fans, taking to the comments section by the masses, had slammed the Latina, suggesting that she knew nothing about unity, also seeing a fanbase lash out at 78-year-old Democrat Biden.

What Fans Said

Salma Hayek poses as Statue of Liberty

Salma's post now comes topped by a comment raking in over 2,000 likes. "It’s not division it’s different of opinion !!!!!!! Democracy !!! Not just one way ! Communism !!! Educate yourself " the user wrote.

"Liberate ourselves from division by harassing trump's voters ye...," another had said.

Salma has proven immensely vocal about POTUS Donald Trump, with a 2017 The Guardian interview seeing the actress state that Trump would never build the U.S./Mexico border wall, also predicting that his presidency wouldn't last.

Reveals 'The Eternals' Trailer

Salma Hayek poses happy outdoors in a dress

Salma's Instagram has also been documenting her career. Alongside mentioning her 2020 nominations for the E! People's Choice Awards, Salma has been updating fans on upcoming movie "The Eternals." Mentioning the pandemic and sharing a trailer, the "Frida" star told fans:

"If we had not had the COVID-19 epidemic, Eternals would have hit the cinemas today. Since I cannot yet share with you the trailer of the movie, I will share with you pictures of my trailer while shooting the movie. P.s. I decorated it myself."

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