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Noah Cyrus

Noah Cyrus Flaunts Plump Lips And Full Hips In 'Miss Me' Selfies

By Jeff Mazzeo

Noah Cyrus doesn't need your approval but she wants it!

The beautiful singer shared the thirstiest thirst trap we have ever seen on Sunday. She posed wearing a tiny T-shirt that left her trim tummy exposed and gave a peek at her high-waisted undies. Noah let her long straight hair fall freely over one shoulder as she stared into the camera. We assume the point of the post was to show off her fab figure but some fans noticed that her lips were looking extra plump.

Miss Me?

Noah Cyrus in revealing shirt.

Cyrus tried to convey her vibe and instructed her millions of followers on what to do.

"just say that you you miss me too," she wrote alongside her stunning thirst trap.

Her fans were very impressed and sounded off in the comments section of her post about her thirsty nature.

"I miss you too noah," a follower wrote, while another said, "That’s a killer pic, bro!😻🌺."

However, she did face criticism for her pumped up lips from some fans.

"I love u but plz stop with the lip filler ur too pretty for it 😭," a critical follower commented.


Noah Cyrus and Tana Mongeau dressed as Kim K and Paris Hilton.

Halloween may be over but Noah and her BFF, Tana Mongeau are still squeezing all the content they can out of their fantastic costumes. Cyrus dressed up as Kim Kardashian and Mongeau channeled Paris Hilton for the spooky holiday... or, should we say sultry holiday. Noah just posted some additional pictures yesterday but Tana explained why they are overloading their fan's IG timelines with more costume pics.

"only posting twice cause this dress cost more than my mortgage 😅 the kim 2 my paris 🥰 last pic is a mood," she wrote on social media.

Brotherly Love

Noah Cryus and her brother, Trace Cyrus.

Noah did her big bro, Trace Cyrus a solid earlier this week when she helped promote his clothing line, Dead Spirits. The whole family has great relationships with each other but Noah has expressed the difficulty of being Miley's sister via interviews and her music. She is extremely close with her 31-year-old brother and was happy to give him a shoutout on IG.

"love you tracey you’re my idol 🖤🖤🖤 proud of u all the time @tracecyrus," she captioned her impromptu fashion show post.

A Little Late

Noah Cyrus in a cheetah print sports bra.

The singer is ecstatic that Joe Biden is the President-elect but she was a little late to the party because she partied too hard the night before. Several hours after the election had been called, Noah woke up to a nice surprise.

"i just woke up and got the most beautiful news!!! Joe Biden is the president of the united state’s 💙💙💙 the hard work doesn’t stop here!!!!! cant quit crying tears of happiness," she wrote on Sunday.

There is East Coast Time, there is West Coast Time, and there is Noah Cyrus time... which one are you on?

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