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Salma Hayek in bikini

Salma Hayek Shows Off Her Liberty Bells to Unite Americans

Salma Hayek / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Salma Hayek has finally given Americans a platform they can all get behind -- her amazing curves! The famed "From Dusk Til Dawn" actress took to Instagram on Sunday morning to send a message of peace and unity to the people in the United States after the end of a bitter election has exposed so much hate and divisiveness between citizens in the country.

Hayek has not been shy about her disdain for President Donald Trump, and his attacks on the Mexican-American community, and she's smiling a little wider knowing he's on his way out of the White House.

Mission Accomplished

Salma Hayek laying on blue towel
Salma Hayek / Instagram

Salma Hayek had joined other powerful Latina stars, like Eva Longoria and Jennifer Lopez, by urging fans to go out and vote for their family in a national campaign titled, #VoteLikeAMadre.

"It is in my maternal instinct to dream for my children the best future I can possibly give them, but with the worsening of environmental conditions, I worry what kind of world my children and my grandchildren will inherit," Hayek wrote on social media back in September.

She added, "Stand with me in the fight against climate change. Let’s make a pinky promise to our children to do our best for the environment."

Time For Healing

Salma Hayek dressed as Statue of LIberty
Salma Hayek / Instagram

On Sunday, Hayek went on Instagram with a message of peace and unity while making it clear that now is the time for Americans to come together and work on ushering in a new administration and way of life.

"The time has come to liberate ourselves from division," the "Desperado" star captioned a photo of herself dressed as the Statue of Liberty.

The sexy throwback photo showed Hayek flaunting her curvy assets while holding up a torch and wearing a crown atop her head.

Using Her Voice

Salma Hayek sitting among leaves
Salma Hayek / Instagram

Salma Hayek predicted the presidency wouldn't last for Donald Trump back in 2017 during the heated immigration issues surrounding the Trump administration, specifically his ongoing plans to build a wall between the United States and Mexico.

"I can promise you he’s not going to build the wall. You cannot build it without the Mexicans that are illegally in the country. That is what makes the economy so strong because they are paid less than half, with no benefit,” she told The Guardian years ago

Hayek added, "His days are numbered! Even if he becomes a dictator and rewrites the constitution and now the presidents can stay 12 years! Still, his days are numbered!”

Turning Down Trump

Salma Hayek in plaid coat
Salma Hayek / Instagram

Aside from Salma Hayek's hate of Donald Trump on a political level, she also doesn't care for the man personally and revealed that she turned him down repeatedly for dates after Trump showed major interest.

"When I met that man, I had a boyfriend, and he tried to become his friend to get my home telephone number. He got my number, and he would call me to invite me out,” she told outlets back in 2017 while revealing the run-ins with Trump.

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