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Christie Brinkley smiling at camera

Christie Brinkley Soaks In Amazing Sunset for Wine o'Clock

Christie Brinkley / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Supermodel Christie Brinkley joined millions of Americans last night in a toast to the new president-elect and vice president-elect after days of tension during a brutal election process. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit icon took to Instagram over the weekend and showcased her jubilation and celebration by enjoying a drink (or two) and revealing that mother nature looked a little bit brighter after it appeared America was set on a new path with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris at the helm.

Witnessing History

Christie Brinkley in plaid jacket
Christie Brinkley / Instagram

The 66-year-old supermodel has not been hiding her anxiety during the long election week, and like much of the country, was waiting in anticipation for states to finish up counting votes. After many of the networks projected Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States, Brinkley exploded with emotion and literally rang out with joy.

"Let Justice Equality Love And Freedom Ring! We have a new Potus President Joe Biden And we’re making history with our first woman of Color as our VIce president Kamala Harris."

'I'll Drink To That!'

Christie Brinkley holding wine up to sunset
Christie Brinkley / Instagram

Christie Brinkley continued while ringing a gigantic vintage bell in her backyard:

"I feel so proud ! It’s a brand new era let’s make it the most compassionate and beautiful one ever! Congratulations America"

Her celebration continued into the night when Brinkley grabbed a glass of wine and soaked up the picturesque sunset that blanketed the supermodel's mansion in the Hamptons.

"So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth. -Baha'U'Llah," Brinkley wrote while quoting the Persian religious leader.

She added, "I’ll drink to that !"

Taking a Moment

Christie Brinkley and flowers
Christie Brinkley / Instagram

Christie Brinkley was elated, like millions of Americans, over the news of a new president and vice president coming into the White House and dropped a special message of congrats for Biden and Harris.

"It’s about time‼️ Congratulations Madam Vice President @kamalaharris Tonight both speeches were both so meaningful and I hope America takes their messages of unity to heart ! Let’s make Americans friends again!"

Brinkley was on the edge of her seat the last few days, and was finding creative outlets to stay distracted from watching the news.

Sweet Distractions

Christie Brinkley with vegetables
Christie Brinkley / Instagram

Instead of sitting glued to her TV watching the viral sensations of John King and Steve Kornacki work the election boards for the networks, Brinkley offered a bit of escape by revealing to fans her whimsical vegetable garden.

"As we patiently wait for them to count the #vote how about a little late October Garden Tour?" she wrote while prying open the gates to her special place.

The supermodel has an incredible green thumb and grows organic vegetables, as well as beautiful flowers, that she regularly donates to those in need around her community.

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