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Chanel West Coast

Chanel West Coast's Pasties Are Caught In Her Fishnet Top Before Studio Session

By Jeff Mazzeo

Talk about the catch of the day!

Chanel West Coast is really good at two things... looking cute and making music and she did both on Saturday night. The "Ridiculousness" star shared a revealing selfie that featured her faux diamond pasties caught in her see-through fishnet top. The fantastic outfit had a snakeskin corset/pants combo that kept everything in place. Her chest and arms were barely covered by the mesh material. She gazed at the camera with her big piercing eyes and her nails were perfect... it was a vibe!

Look Deep Into Her Eyes

Chanel West Coast in a fishnet top.

The "No Plans" rapper has been unloaded tons of sultry shots on her millions of fan's timelines recently. She's been promoting her new album and her new music videos and let's just say she knows how to capture her follower's interest. In addition to the fishnet look, she shared several snaps of her long legs in a white bikini and feathery angel wings that were almost as tall as she is. The pics were meant to promote her music video for the song, "Heaven's Calling."

Back In The Studio


Even though Chanel's album just came out, she is already back in the studio "looking cute" as she would say. She previewed some unreleased music that she recorded last night. Her lyrics were definitely on the explicit side of the spectrum so we suggest you take a listen to her IG story preview before it disappears.

We were also feeling her tight tank top look with the white bucket hat and a killer red lip!

90% Legs

Chanel West Coast dressed as an angel.

As we previously mentioned, Chanel blessed her fan's timelines with some heavenly shots but she also revealed that she is composed of mostly legs. The angle of the camera made it look like she would tower over mere mortals with her sparkly high-heels but she really isn't that tall.

"How tall are you?" a curious fan asked before she replied, "5’3 with long legs lol."

Halloween is over but she certainly is a fun-sized snack!

Halloween Vibe

Chanel West Coast's Halloween costume.

The spooky holiday is long over but we still can't get over the bang-up job the artist when it came to her sultry costumes. Chanel wore not 2, not 3, but 4 costumes and they were all very impressive. She first transformed into a Fembot from "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery" for a twerking TikTok. Then she went full Valley Girl by dressing up as Cher from "Clueless" before dressed as Chucky and a frisky pussycat. She made TikToks for all her costumes but her pussycat tail twerk was too risque for the social media platform and was removed.

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