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Chanel West Coast poses blonde and looking sideways

Chanel West Coast Balances From Cage In Bikini With Angel Wings

By Rebecca Cukier

"Lol when god dropped me from heaven?" – Chanel West Coast had all the answers when a fan today asked "Did it hurt?" as the 32-year-old balanced in a bikini and from a cage. The rapper and "Ridiculousness" star has now dropped her third bikini and angel wings snap promoting newly-dropped "Heaven's Calling" video, with the track forming one of 19 on Chanel's October-released "America's Sweetheart" album. Chanel's 3.5 million Instagram followers got their favorite MTV face going full Victoria's Secret Angel and some music this weekend. Check it out below.

Proving She's A Piece Of Heaven


Scroll for the photos. Chanel, who went dominatrix for 2019-released "Sharon Stoned" and full cowgirl for "Old Fashioned," once again proved she's Instagram's biggest chameleon. The "No Plans" rapper had been snapped crouching down and clinging from an oversized white-painted bird cage while outdoors. Chanel, angling her killer booty to the camera while in a white bikini, perspex kitten heels, and with giant white angel wings matching the "Heaven's Calling" title, shot the camera her fiercest gaze, then mentioning her song in her caption.

Comments Section Gets Busy

Chanel West Coast

Chanel's fans haven't just been thirsting over the photo. They've been commenting. When "Did it hurt?" prompted West Coast to joke she'd been dropped from heaven, a fan seeming to know the OP replied:

"Naw he meant your knees as you balance for the pic 😂."

"@chanelwestcoast he lost an angel when he dropped you," another added.

Jokes aside, "America's Sweetheart" is a major milestone for Chanel, who recently told Angela Yee's "Lip Service" podcast that producers have told her to rap less and "sing more."

From 'Corona Rap' To 'America's Sweetheart'


Early on in the pandemic, Chanel penned her "Corona Rap," with the home lyrics quickly going viral.

"Chillin' here at home dodgin' 'rona, social distance got me like a loner," the lyrics read, continuing: "Ginger, lemon caught in Turmeric, my immunity is boomin' b--ch!"

"Let's not worry about the flossin', more focus take precaution," she continued.

While "Corona Rap" didn't bring a release, Chanel did release "No Plans," seeing her bikini-clad and shot inside a $50 million mansion for the video. "America's Sweetheart" also includes already-released "Black Roses."

'I've Made Mistakes'

Chanel West Coast poses for a close selfie

Chanel, who has recently been thanking both "Ridiculousness" co-star Rob Dydrek for giving a "b-tch" a job and rapper Lil Wayne – he signed Chanel to his Young Money Entertainment label in 2012 – has also been opening up on why she picked the "America's Sweetheart" name.

"I've made mistakes. I’ve benefitted from white privilege and I’ve had second chances in life that, unfortunately, many people have not received," she said, also confirming: "I called this album America’s Sweetheart because it’s an oxymoron and contradicts the perception that many have of me," as she admitted to having "flaws."

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