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Lizzo looking into camera

Lizzo Leaves Donald Trump In Her Wake During Epic Send-Off

Lizzo / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Lizzo took to the high seas to express her emotions over Joe Biden defeating Donald Trump and becoming the 46th President of the United States. The "Juice" rapper hit up social media on Saturday afternoon, hours after the news was announced that caused millions of excited citizens around the U.S. to take to the streets and begin celebrating.

Instead of letting her vibes flow on land, Lizzo headed to the ocean and hopped on her wave runner for a true moment of jubilee.

Bye Bye!

Lizzo riding a WaveRunner
Lizzo / Instagram

Lizzo was getting wet and wild during her political celebration and made it clear that she was extremely excited to see President Donald Trump get booted out of the White House.

"BYE BITCH!" the "Truth Hurts" star proclaimed loud and proud while showing off her water sports outing.

Lizzo made sure to wear a life vest while out zooming around and couldn't help herself from letting out a loud cackle while revving up her WaveRunner and throwing up a jet of water in her wake.

Speaking Out

Lizzo draped in American flag
Lizzo / Instagram

Lizzo, like many influential celebrities, played a big part in getting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris into the White House by using her platform to get the word out and vote for change.

In a recent Instagram post, the multiple Grammy-award winning star stripped down and draped herself in an American flag to deliver an important message about the state of our country and what we can do to make change happen.

"When I think of this country I don’t think of its laws I think of its people," Lizzo wrote on social media.

Getting Patriotic

Lizzo / Instagram

She continued:

"I think about how we were raised to be patriotic of violence, propaganda & war."

"I think about how this country is owned by the oppressor and how the oppressed are locked in a valley of capitalism."

"But I also think of the young people who refuse to be spoon fed mistruths. I think of the elders who bucked against hateful prejudices even when it felt impossible...."

Lizzo then explained how she has hope for a better future and who has the power to make it happen.

The Future Is Bright

Lizzo posing in nature
Lizzo / Instagram

"Because of you, I’m still hopeful," Lizzo wrote.

"I believe in a country that teaches the true history so we can better understand where we live and how we can do better ... I believe in a country that listens to the cries of the protester and doesn’t politicize death."

Now that the election has been won, Lizzo also made it clear that the work is not done and everyone has a long road ahead to get the country back on track and unite the people.

"Let’s get to work, America," she declared to fans.

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