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Shannen Doherty & Sarah Michelle Gellar Sumo Wrestling In Blow Up Balls, Best. Video. Ever.

By Mike Walters

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Shannen Doherty decided to sumo wrestle while wearing blow-up balls in the backyard, and it's the greatest video you have ever seen!

The '90210' star squared off against 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' herself after the two stars slipped into inflatable balls that you can proceed to slam into each other in! As you can see, the duo decided to begin with the traditional stomp towards each other before launching across the yard.

Also, many of the actresses fans couldn't believe just how enormous SMG's house is in Los Angeles, but, more importantly, it played host to this insane battle!

Just wait until you see the impact!

See The AWESOME Video!


In the awesome video, the two actresses slowly walk towards each other and then fire across the yard, slamming into each other's body.

Upon impact, it appears Sarah Michelle is the clear winner as Shannen flies backward and onto her back. But, she wasn't done yet. SMG decides to belly flop onto her BFF and completely covers her head on the grass. Ya, it's that good!

"And now for some alternative programming. It’s time for me to deal with my stress. (Shannen Doherty) clearly, Bowie did not like my methods," Gellar wrote.

Bowie is Shannen's German Shepard who makes an appearance at the end to save his momma!

Ok, Here You Go!!

Shannen Doherty's Dog, Bowie, Arrives To Save His Mommy!


How good was that!

The best part, it appears Bowie may have popped a hole in the inflatable balls, but give the big boy credit for saving his mom!

Of course, their fans couldn't get enough and lit up Instagram about the stunning video. "I love that once you knock (Shannen Doherty) down you then put your entire body on hers and make sure she stays down 😂 Keep laughing and having fun!" one person wrote.

"I am going to replay this over and over and over again. 😂😂😂 Thank you for the much-needed laugh," another added.

I think we can all agree with this one, "PHAHAHAHA THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST THINGS IVE EVER SEEN!"

There's More...

Let's See That Again!


Shannen Doherty made headlines earlier this month after breaking her silence about living with stage IV cancer.

"I want people to not hear stage IV cancer and think of the person that is gray and falling over and they can't move and they're going into hospice and they can't work," told Entertainment Tonight.

Shannen, who was interviewed by Sarah Michelle for the outlet, added, "You get written off so quickly, even though you're vital and healthy and happy and wanting to go out there and work. So, I'm sharing in order to hopefully give a different face to all of this.”

Earlier this year, Doherty announced that her breast cancer had advanced to stage IV.

But, obviously, she is living life to the fullest and we are here for it...Now, let's see that again!

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