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Kathy Hilton wears a black dress with a white collar alongside husband Rick Hilton.

Kathy Hilton & Lisa Rinna Will Reportedly Go To War On 'RHOBH' Season 11

Instagram | Kathy Hilton
By Lindsay Cronin

Kathy Hilton has reportedly joined the cast of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and after doing so, she allegedly went to war with longtime cast member Lisa Rinna, who has been starring on the Bravo reality series since its fifth season.

According to a report shared by All About the Real Housewives on November 5, Kathy reportedly wants to get her sister, Kyle Richards, to distance herself from Lisa during season 11 as she also plans a supposed "takedown" against the former soap actress.

Kathy Hilton Reportedly Feels Lisa Rinna Is A 'Bad Influence'

Lisa Rinna takes a selfie with her signature bob.
Instagram | Lisa Rinna

While Kathy has yet to speak out on the rumors, it is being alleged that she actually decided to join the cast of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" in hopes of taking down Lisa once and for all.

In a video shared on YouTube by The Real Andy of Beverly Hills, it was noted that Kathy is determined to put an end to Kyle's friendship with Lisa because she believes that Lisa is a "bad influence" and doesn't align well with their family.

Kathy Hilton Allegedly Believes Lisa Rinna Is A 'Manipulator'

Kathy Hilton is seen with daughter Nicky Hilton at a wedding.
Instagram | Kathy Hilton

“It’s going to be Kathy vs. Lisa Rinna,” the YouTube personality explained. “Kathy has decided not to follow, on any social media platform, either Lisa Rinna or Erika Girardi.” 

According to the report, Kathy is "taking a stand" against Lisa and Erika and plans to go "full force" to show viewers of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" that Lisa has been manipulating cast members for years.

"Lisa Rinna is the manipulator behind everything,” Andy alleged. 

As fans well know, Lisa took a stand against Denise Richards during season and ultimately, in September of this year, she announced her departure from the series.

Lisa Rinna Took A Stand Against Lisa Vanderpump During 'RHOBH' Season Nine

Lisa Rinna wears a Vote clip in her hair.
Instagram | Lisa Rinna

One year before Denise was seemingly pushed off the "Real Housewives of Bevelry Hills" cast due to an estrangement from her co-stars, Lisa Vanderpump saw the same fate. 

As the report continued, it was noted that Kathy  also wants to “try and save the Richards name as much as she can.” 

In recent years, Kathy has been linked to the cast. However, it wasn't until season 11 production began when she supposedly took on a part-time position.

In the past, Kathy has been seen only in cameo roles.

Kyle Richards Is On Board With Kathy Hilton Joining 'RHOBH'

Kathy Hilton, Kris Jenner, Kyle Richards, and Faye Resnick go shopping.
Instagram | Kathy Hilton

Last month, a report from PEOPLE magazine revealed Kathy had joined the show and shared a past statement made by Kyle about the possibility.

“I mean, I would be happy … I’ve had one sister on, why not have another sister on?” Kyle said. “My sister Kathy is actually — people don’t know this, but she’s one the funniest people there is. She’s a practical joker and she’s very, very funny. So I think she would be an amazing Housewife, actually.”


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